Saturday Success Stories, October 19

SaturdaySuccesspic1 I almost typed August 18 up there.  Wishful thinking since it’s cold outside this morning.  Sometimes this no soccer this season thing is a blessing.  I’m not digging out our winter coats and gloves for an 8:00a.m. game like some of our friends.  We’re in our nice sort of warm house.  How did your Friday go?  Did you get lots of things finished?  I am excited that for once I made decent progress on my list.

  1. The cookies have come (out the oven) and gone (with my husband on his hunting trip).  The boys wouldn’t even try them but I did and they turned out wonderfully if I do say so.  I do!

    Who wants a cookie?

    Who wants a cookie?


  2. Of course, this is the one (the getting caught up on my 31 Days series) where I faltered a bit.   I forgot yesterday was a half-day for the boys at school so that meant a little less time to sit here and write.  My husband also came home early and took over my spot for a while.  However, all is not lost as I do have a plan for making progress in my series posting.   I missed 4 days this week so I see 4 days of 2 posts in the series coming up for the next 4 days.

  3. The boys had a friend spend the night yesterday and he’s sleeping on the newly “remodeled” sofa that is now free of random paper.

    It's a sofa!  In need of a cleaning but clear of papers.

    It’s a sofa! In need of a cleaning but clear of papers.

    I also cleared a fair amount off the desk, my dresser (I returned the coupons to their home), and the kitchen table (then, the mail came.  SIGH).

    A fairly clear table top!

    A fairly clear table top!

    Random papers ready for relocation.  This took such a short amount of time.

    Random papers ready for relocation. This took such a short amount of time.


I also did some laundry and finished watching my House DVD while folding it.  Everything else has been moved to today as long as I don’t have to be too much of an indoor referee wishing I was out freezing on some soccer field somewhere as long as it meant the boys weren’t fighting.  The friend is still sleeping (how?) and I’ll give you 3 guesses what my two boys are doing right now?   Here’s a clue:  Has anyone seen my striped shirt and whistle?

I’d love to hear about your Friday (or Saturday morning)!

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7 thoughts on “Saturday Success Stories, October 19

    1. Jean Post author

      I think I have a lot more motivation in my mind than actually ever gets put into practice 😉

  1. Beverly

    At first I thought you meant they were watching football. Then I thought you meant you were a referee for their fights.

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