Encouraging My Family

I think an important component of putting my family first is actually knowing what my husband and boy prefer and to take interest in their preferences.  This can be tough when everyone likes different things.

I know my husband likes loves to get up early to go sit in the woods and try to shoot a deer.  Me?  Snooze button times 6!  However, I can support his interest by not complaining when leaves us for a weekend here and there in October to go do this.  Sometimes I am better at that part than at other times.  Part of the season conflicts with a family birthday and it causes a bit of tension every single year.  However, I’ve resigned myself that the tension will be there and we’ll get through it and be good again for another year.  I can send cookies with him.  I can not get too frustrated when he comes home from those weekends and goes to bed at 8p.m. since he’s been getting up at 4a.m. all weekend.

My oldest son has a passion for video games.  Aside from the fact that I’m really, really bad at them, they simply are not my thing.  I don’t think Candy Crush Saga counts as a video game do you?  I can listen to him talk about them without my eyes glazing over (it takes work).  I can be willing to take him to the video game store or section of the store to let him look.  I also know that I need to help him not focus all his energy in this one area as well.

My youngest son loves all things Minecraft, Lego. and keeping busy especially by doing things WITH us.  I can get up and look at a Minecraft creation without the heavy “I just sat down” sigh.  I can watch one of his shows with him when he asks.  I can take a few minutes and draw or play a quick (no, please not Monopoly!) with him more often.

Those are just small snapshots of things important to my husband and boys’ interests.  How do you show and share in your family’s interests?


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2 thoughts on “Encouraging My Family

  1. Elizabeth

    My husband loves video games (insert any other than FB games) and likes TV, Comics, books, Magic the Gathering and Anime.
    Oldest it’s Anime um is there anything else in the world? Enjoys video games, Magic the Gathering and manga.
    Youngest LOVES Minecraft be it the game or watching YouTube videos and LOVES reading to the point the school has banned her from books there (no joke). She likes other video games, pokemon and comic books.
    Myself I like hiking, camping, fishing (other than the baiting and unhooking I’m squeamish these days I just like to sit with a line cast out), I love crafts, gardening and generally being outside. Yeah I’m the odd ball of the family.
    How do we make it work? The kids participate in my crafts, Peter & I play things like minecraft with the girls, and Peter lets us break away from technology 1 weekend a year for camping, every evening I sit down and watch about an hour of TV with my husband or an hour of a videogame with him.
    We all go to the public library together about once a month or so.
    Pete & the girls pretty much have their interests in line so it’s never a big thing I’m generally the one yanking folks out of their comfort level to do something I want to do a couple times a year. LOL

    I think it’s great how you at least keep trying — And I have NO clue how long my answer is some how I think I wrote you a book! Sorry! Need more coffee! LOL
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    1. Jean Post author

      I liked hearing the things your family enjoys 🙂 Hope you did get a bit more coffee if you needed it though!

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