Starting Successful on Monday, October 21

mondaystartbutton Ever have those weeks where despite knowing you accomplished a lot, it feels like you choose all the wrong things on the list to do?  I don’t mean the procrastination choices and I make plenty of those.  I mean the choices to do things that still need to be done but then, realizing there were other things that probably should have been done first?  Last week felt a little bit like that to me.  I did stuff.  I just didn’t exactly do stuff that was on my list.  I also feel this way when I attempt to plan ahead as well.  Hmm…maybe why I’m not so great at planning ahead.  Anyone else?  I do like planning out my week though and encourage you to join me as well as link up over at Felicia’s Red Door Life if you are blogger.

Scripture of the Week:

Fear not, for I am with you

(Issiah 41:10)

Focus of the Week:

Planning ahead.   Didn’t you see that one coming?   Fall and winter are busy months around here with J’s birthday (and lots of other family birthdays as well), Thanksgiving, my birthday, school events, and Christmas.  I am hoping to maybe get some meals put in the freezer, a general idea of what we’ll be doing for J’s birthday (I was sad yesterday when he vetoed my fantastic idea of having a swimming party.  He wants to have his party at home.  SIGH, I can never get out of cleaning!).   I would also like to get some sort of plan going for Christmas and maybe do some early shopping.

The Weather this Week:

I thought it was supposed to be a bit chilly with a chance of rain and my husband thought it was supposed to be nice all week.  No telling who is right.  Neither kid complained about wearing pants this morning though.


Have the timer set for the second morning “rush” to get J out the door.  He’s eating breakfast and watching another episode of Ninjago while I’m trying to think what else we need to do to get him out the door on time.   Realizing I put my coffee in the microwave to reheat it and forgot it.  I think I need it!  *Update* now that he’s on the bus, I realized as we walking out the door, I pulled out the “soccer sweats” for him and he is now at school in sweats that have a tiny hole in one leg and grass-stained knees.  Obviously, I did NEED that coffee.

To Do List:

  1. Clean out fridge

  2. Find band concert clothes for G

  3. Have J try on his Halloween costume

  4. Help G make plan to track his homework better

  5. Get caught up on 31 Days Series

  6. Go back and do the first week of the fall cleaning challenge posted by Elizabeth at Burnt Out Mom in hopes of having a nice, clean house in time for J’s birthday party coming up next month.

  7. Get the front lawn mowed

What I Am Reading This Week:

I didn’t do very well with reading the 21 Days to a Disciplined Life e-book or joining in the blogging challenge like I had planned.  I think one blogging challenge at a time may be my limit.  However, I am going to give another of Crystal Paine’s other e-books a chance.  I’m going to be reading Celebrating and Savoring a Simple Christmas.  (I have no idea why but I couldn’t find a current link to this book.)

On the Menu:

mpmfall Menu planning was kind of easy for this week since all our plans changed after I planned last week.  It’s mainly a week of carry-overs and eating what is already in the freezer or pantry around here!   It’s also school conference and band concert week so things will need to be somewhat quick and easy.  If you need menu planning help or ideas, be sure to check out Menu Plan Monday.

MONDAY:  Tacos and Fajitas

TUESDAY:  Pancakes and sausage

WEDNESDAY:  Pork Chops

THURSDAY:  Chicken and Spaghetti

FRIDAY:    Hamburgers or OUT

From the Camera:

He thinks he's invisible!

He thinks he’s invisible!

I had hopes to get outside for fun, fall photos with the boys this weekend but somehow we ended up eating lunch and then going to a Toys R Us Lego event.  J got a free Lego mini-bot to build out of the deal so he was happy.  J didn’t want one.  It was fun spending some time in the Toy store with the boys.  We hadn’t done that in a while.

The free robot.

The free robot.

Our newest Halloween decoration.

Our newest Halloween decoration.

On the Blog:

In keeping with my planning ahead theme for the week, I’m going to plan out the drawer a day blog challenge for November.

In the always behind category, I need to write 2 posts in my 31 days series for the next 4 days to get back on track.


It doesn’t feel like it this morning and I’m certainly not moving like it but I am realizing that this is going to probably be a fairly busy week with 2 school conferences, a doctor’s appointment, a band concert, and the boys off school at the end of the week.  What’s on your plate, foods or activity, this week?

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6 thoughts on “Starting Successful on Monday, October 21

    1. Jean Post author

      Not even close to superwoman. I should get so much more done during the days. I am not much of a planner but I do find that this helps keep me focused a bit more.

  1. Elizabeth

    Sounds like this is a uber busy week/month/season for the most of us! Keep up the good work!
    I actually did a bit of Christmas shopping today myself though only by chance because I was in Hobby Lobby picking up stuff for a shadow box my oldest needs to make and I found these really cute zebra print journals on clearance. I’m hoping I find more clearance stuff and maybe I knock out the majority of the shopping early.
    I think the only thing NOT on my plate this week is candy and I’m feeling a serious need for a double dose of chocolate straight into the vein LOL.
    Hope you have an excellent week!
    Elizabeth recently posted..Busy Monday, October 21My Profile

    1. Jean Post author

      I guess we really are at the start of the busy season, huh? I’m not ready! Well, I did plan ahead with some Halloween candy last week and um, that doesn’t work. I need to figure out a kind of candy that I do NOT like and buy that. I always find fun stuff in the Hobby Lobby clearance section. I hope your week goes well and that you find yourself a bit of chocolate somewhere 😉

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