Love Means Clean Socks and Underwear

Guess What I should be doing about right now?


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Yup.  Laundry.  I know it needs to be done and yet here I sit.  I haven’t even made the bed today if you must know.  I did run a couple of errands though–does that count?  I also looked at some lovely bedrooms on Pinterest where the beds were made.  My pretend Pinterest house is looking amazing these days!  Wait, where was I?  Oh yeah, the laundry that seems to get lost in the land of Pinterest and really for me, the Internet in general.  I’ll go tend to the laundry in 5 more minutes, I think.

The next thing I know it’s the next morning with my oldest son telling me that the reason he still isn’t dressed is because he doesn’t have any clean underwear, or socks, or shirts, or…you get the idea.  Does that ever happen at your house?  Honestly, I have even had the same issues with my own clothes.  You’d think I’d be smart enough to at least get my OWN laundry done.

I guess because it is part of taking care of our family to make sure they have clean clothing that fit.  Do I ever apologize when those mornings happen where all the clean clothes are not in their proper locations?  I should have taken care of this and I’m sorry.  Nope, it’s more like SIGH…stomp downstairs to open the dryer (sometimes praying for there to be some clothes inside the machine) and search.   My solution has not been the simple just make sure the laundry is done approach.  It’s been the “check before you go to bed that you have clothes” approach.  That does give me time at least to throw in a quick load if needed but wouldn’t it be more peaceful for us all if the laundry was simply done so the stress didn’t have to happen in the first place.

Putting my family first means that I need to find a way to give as much loving attention to completing my family’s very real pile of laundry as I do to my maintenance-free Pinterest home.

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12 thoughts on “Love Means Clean Socks and Underwear

    1. Jean Post author

      I think the weather yesterday was a big motivation issue for a lot of people. Congrats on finding a house, by the way!

    1. Jean Post author

      Ugh, that is a lot of loads! I’m busy folding today since my husband did a bunch of it but he never folds it. Oh well, a little Netflix time will make the folding go fast.

  1. Kristy

    Yes, it does feel like love to make sure the laundry keeps going on schedule. I am going to have to do a tiny bit of catch-up today. I also think love is teaching kids how to do laundry. 🙂 We are just kind of starting that at our house because I like to do laundry by the tag instructions and it seems to be a bit more complicated than a system that little kids could embrace. But it is a good feeling to pass on the knowledge!
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    1. Jean Post author

      That is a very valid point 🙂 Um, you mean there is more information on those tags than the size? LOL. I’m a toss it all in there together and maybe think to pull out the bright red shirt so everything else doesn’t wind up pink laundry doer. Sad but true.

  2. JanL

    I like your Title & share your maintenance-free Pinterest home! I will keep your title as a reminder that Love is shown in so many simple things. I misplaced my garage door opener (ok, I lost it some months ago & have yet to find it)… but our garage is now cleared out enough to put my car inside, This week when my 5-year-old and I came home to find my husband had left the garage door open for me, I said out loud “Chuck loves me!! So Love means open garage doors also!

    1. Jean Post author

      How wonderful to have a cleared out garage! That was very thoughtful of your husband to leave the door open for you. It really is the little, simple things isn’t it?

  3. Beverly

    I get so annoyed about the laundry thing. If the clothes are not put exactly away in the same space they might as well be on the moon from the way my family behaves. For example, I had washed the whites. I had dried them. I had put them in a basket and even carried the basket upstairs to our bedroom. My husband comes down to go to work wearing jeans and short white socks you wear with shorts. I said you have socks in the basket. He said there were not any in the bin and the short socks were fine. I told him to tell everyone at work that I did not dress him. S0 – there is only credit for laundry if it is 100% done. Even 90% does not count. And I am the only one who does laundry. Usually it does not bother me but you have certainly hit on a topic that some says is a sore point!

  4. Shannon Mason

    Doing the laundry of a whole family is a big thing and there always is some problem. I always make sure that my husband has clean socks and underwear and honestly it is not something so difficult for me. Thank you for sharing!

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