Follow Through Friday, October 25

FollowThroughFriday1 I’m not sure if I should call this the insanity edition of the miracle edition of Follow Through Friday.  My boys are home today, no school in this area until next Tuesday, and if I get anything accomplished today it will be a miracle.  That is, if they don’t drive me to the edge of insanity first.  Ever wake up and just know it’s going to be one of those kind of days?  That’s how it feels this morning.  With that in mind, I’m going to try to keep my 3 things relatively simple today.  Here’s my short list for today:

  1. Clean out the magazine bin.  It’s really not that bad but I would like the September magazines to be in the recycle bin (after one more quick glance-through).

    Hopefully, someone will take care of those shoes and socks before they go in the recycle bin.

    Hopefully, someone will take care of those shoes and socks before they go in the recycle bin.

    If I get ambitious, I also need to go through my kitchen file.  I’m pretty sure I said a few Fridays back that I should make a habit of going through it ever Friday night.  Or was that every 3-4 Friday nights like I’m actually on course to do?

  2. Call and find out where I can get G in for a sports physical super quick!  He really does want to try out for basketball (hooray!) but we need to have that piece of paper by next week’s try-outs for him to do so.  Bonus item:  Get him out and away from the X-Box to actually you know practice basketball a bit.

  3. That Fall Cleaning Plan thing.  TODAY.  I WILL complete the tasks for days 2-4.  I did do the day 1 task and our ceilings look a lot less like they could star in a haunted house now.   If the boys are going to dig in their feet and refuse to the leave the house like they usually do on days off, then I might as well take advantage of being here.  Wait, I’m here every day.  Oops.  Anyway, I’m determined to finish this and have a nice clean house by mid-November.

So, not overly exciting around here for today although we are supposed to go get our pumpkins this evening and I’m hoping I can talk my husband into visiting a corn maze as well.  Maybe if he comes home to a clean house, he’ll be more inclined to be agreeable to the idea.  We shall see.  What exciting things are on your agenda for today?

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7 thoughts on “Follow Through Friday, October 25

  1. Elizabeth

    Good luck on your day and not having the kiddos drive you batty!
    I’ll try to link things up better in the first posting maybe today as I think *shocked look* I might have a little bit of free time for the first time in a long time! (Okay freetime = not doing my chores like laundry)

    1. Jean Post author

      I really need to do some extra cooking myself or at least get the freezer stocked with some easy to cook options. I hope you enjoyed your company.

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    1. Jean Post author

      I hope you will join in the fun! I seem to have a never-ending list of things I need to finish around here.

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