Take Back the House Tuesday

Or in other words, getting everything that was supposed to happen on Monday done on Tuesday.  We won’t even talk about that missing Saturday Success Stories post that typically is supposed to follow my Follow Through Friday post.  Okay, we will.  I wasn’t really successful with most of that list until yesterday (um, 2 hour wait for a sports physical anyone?).  The end.  We really, really will not talk about that blogging every single day in October thing for the 31 days series.  We can talk about how much I love my children and how much more I love them now that they are back at school and not bickering back and forth.  We can talk about my plans for the week and how I keep  making these plans despite failing at completing them most weeks.   I am learning stuff as I plan each week though.  Things like focusing on planning ahead is probably not the best idea on a busy week–had I planned ahead for that busy week perhaps I’d have done better?  My stubbornness does not subside though so here are this week’s plans: mondaystartbutton Every Monday (usually except sometimes I’m posting on Tuesdays), I like to link up with Felicia over at Felicia’s Red Door life and get my week all planned out and organized.   Even on busy weeks where I don’t get it all done (or ahem, any of it done), I do find it helps me.  I encourage you to join in the fun!  Tuesdays are not too late to plan out your week!

Scripture of the Week:

Same as last week. 

Fear not, for I am with you

(Issiah 41: 10)


Focus of the Week:

Being Healthy!  Yep, I picked Halloween week to focus on being healthy.  I found out last week that my cholesterol was “elevated”  and they wanted to call in a prescription but I declined until I speak with the doctor since I’m pretty sure changing my eating habits would help (and be cheaper!) than simply taking a “fix it” pill.   I’m also a detail girl so don’t tell me “elevated” that is way too vague–give me some specifics.  Anyway, maybe this was just the extra incentive I needed to actually get back into shape.  I’ve re-watched some of my favorite Netflix documentaries and started trying to eat a vegetarian diet.  However, I am going to try this starting November 1st (yikes, that is Friday!).   Just Dance 4 on the Wii is now my new best friend.

The Weather this Week:

If I could sing, I’d sing you a song or two about our weather forecast for this week:  It’s raining, it’s pouring.  The old man is snoring.


Raindrops keep falling on my head…


I never liked the rain ’til I walked through it with you…like the rain…

The rainy days are supposed to taper off by Halloween.


The house is QUIET!  Oh my, just listen to that soulful silence.  Ah.  I’m also trying to block thoughts of the serious “taking back” of the house I need to do today.  The cats have finally settled down and accepted the rain so are napping the morning away.  They were in serious “let us outside” denial of that pouring rain there for a while.

To Do List:

Two out of seven is not a win in the World Series (quietly whispers she’s cheering for Boston) or on a to-do list so I may need to make my list a bit more doable this week.

  1. Take back the house (i.e., clean it!)
  2. Laundry
  3. Buy J some pants.  No small task since he doesn’t like jeans and would prefer to wear sweat pants every day unless it was warm enough to wear shorts.  Thankfully, G’s pants from last year still fit him and now they aren’t too long!
  4. Start a secret Christmas idea list for the family
  5. Start planning J’s birthday party

What I Am Reading This Week:

I am really struggling in this area.  It’s not that I don’t want to read but it seems reading those e-books does not appeal to me as much as I would have thought.  Either that or every time I have a chance to read, the tablet has walked off with one of the boys or my husband.  I think I need my own tablet.  Oh, wait a minute.  SIGH.  Well, maybe they need their own tablets.   I think I may need to plan some time in my week to go browse a book store or the library.

On the Menu:

Monday:  Chicken that was yuck so I fed them leftover pork chops from the weekend.  I had brown rice.

Tuesday:  Hamburgers (per request) and sweet potato fries.  I’m having a Boca burger.

Wednesday:  Roast (per request).  I’ll probably have tomato soup.

Thursday:  Happy Halloween!  Probably leftover BBQ sandwiches (maybe salad for me)  plus we’re taking a snack type item to a family gathering.  No idea what that will be yet.

Friday:  Roasted Chicken Legs (for them) and Fettuccine with grilled asparagus, peas, and lemon (for me and I’m not too sure about those peas in there…the next 21 days will certainly be a challenge)

From the Camera:

G saw this critter on his way home from the bus stop last week.

G saw this critter on his way home from the bus stop last week.

We were "booed" last week but they were took quick getting into our treats.  This is one of our outgoing boo baskets.

We were “booed” last week but the boys were too quick getting into our treats. This is one of our outgoing boo baskets.

G's Halloween mask.

G’s Halloween mask.

On the Blog:

Figure out why my pictures are suddenly so hard to edit and see in the draft function.  I can see them fine in the preview so hopefully, you can as well.  I only uploaded 3 photos before becoming quite frustrated (after many, MANY meaningless to me reads through the support forums to see if it was just me? And I’m still searching.).

Write the final posts for the 31 days series.  Kudos to all my blogging friends who have actually managed to post every single day in October!

Write the beginning post for my drawer a day blogging challenge.


What exciting plans do you have for the week ahead?



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5 thoughts on “Take Back the House Tuesday

    1. Jean Post author

      I think it probably would have worked better if I’d have had a few posts written in advance but I just can’t seem to get the hang of doing that. Well, the two-hour wait was our own fault because we waited until the last minute thinking that he would be the ONLY kid wanting to try out for the team and needing that. Um, not exactly.

  1. Deanna

    I am having the TOUGHEST time getting my house into any shape, some shape. It’s just too small, and we want to keep it all 🙁 No basement, so not even a space to stash everything in boxes and pull it up piece by piece to evaluate it 🙁 ARGH!

    And trying to go through the stuff with my girls – keep, keep, keep LOL I get it, we love it all, but wow, WHERE do I go with it.

    Seriously, we look as though we’ve been robbed. Definitely NOT LOL

    I am not an ebook reader – LOVE my paper feel between my fingers 😉 The book I just finished was The Fault in Our Stars, and it was AMAZING! Written for young adult, but completely engrossing. A tearjerker as well.

    Did G make that mask? It’s super cool!

    1. Jean Post author

      It does make it hard when you want to keep it all. I like going through stuff with J because he’s good about going “I don’t want this anymore.” His brother? Not so much. I like YA books usually. He worked on the mask together with his dad but then didn’t end up using it yesterday and went as a camo/soldier (think Call of Duty video game) guy instead–it was a last minute change. They thought the mask wasn’t going to be sturdy enough and would be too small. I’m thinking maybe we can put it up in his room though as wall art 🙂

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