Follow Through Friday, November 1

FollowThroughFriday1 YAWN.  Excuse me.  Who else is dragging a bit today after an exciting night of trick or treating?  I didn’t even walk around with the boys but there was much hustle and bustle before and after going.  G had more homework than he shared so after we arrived home, he was up late working on it (and up early to finish it).  We let J stay up later than normal to watch Nova (which lost me somewhere along the discussion of the Kelvin temperature scale but he was interested and enjoying it) last night as well.   Imagining my grumpy kids times 20 has me feeling sympathy for teachers everywhere today.   Despite being tired and using massive quantities of discipline to avoid overflowing candy bags, I’m still going to devote some energy to finishing a few nagging tasks today.  Would you like to join me?  I won’t even tell if you sneak a Snickers from your kids’ candy stash while you work!  Here are my 3 tasks for the first Follow Through Friday of November:

  1. Clear out the phone answering machine messages.  I don’t think any of these 11 messages are important but I am no longer sure.  We really need to get in a better habit of pushing the “delete” button after we listen to these things.

    I think I will also wipe that phone and base off while I listen to the messages.

    I think I will also wipe that phone and base off while I listen to the messages.

    Maybe I’ll get super ambitious and try to figure out how to remove the phone messages from my cell phone along with deleting some old text messages as well.

  2. Write the first post for my November clear out a drawer a day challenge and hit the publish button.  On a side note, I still have a couple of posts for the whole colossal failure of my first 31 Days Series attempt that I want to finish editing and get posted.  So my plan is to continue with the series even though I missed the whole concept of doing it for 31 days in a row.

  3. Change the sheets on the boys’ beds.  Somehow I’ve woke up every morning this week and thought I needed to do this but managed to go to bed every night realizing that it didn’t happen.

    Seriously, what did this kid do with his pillowcase?  I know he didn't use it last night for trick or treating so I have no idea.

    Seriously, what did this kid do with his pillowcase? I know he didn’t use it last night for trick or treating so I have no idea.

    I noticed 2 days ago that G doesn’t even have a pillowcase on his pillow.  I’d really like to get out and get some nice flannel sheets for their beds but doubt that will happen today.  Clean sheets and bedding is a big enough goal for today, I think.

Those are just the three tasks I’m committing to finishing today.  Also on the list are:  clearing off the kitchen table (again!) as well as seeing where the uninvited ants (yes, ants in the fall!  Probably all the rain) are coming into our house, attending a perfect attendance assembly at the elementary school (forgive me if I say Boring!), and taking down all the Halloween decor (This is one area where I tend to be a little anal.  The holiday is OVER, time for the decorations to be put away until next year!).    What tasks are you going to clear off your list today?

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5 thoughts on “Follow Through Friday, November 1

  1. Elizabeth

    Well once I get through work I need to check over costumes for kids & get things set up. Due to the storms last night the city asked everyone not to trick-or-treat so that is actually happening tonight. Alittle strange I know but seeing how it was raining all yesterday and the tornado sirens went off twice in my area I’m not complaining. Taking the kids to a friend’s house & going to have a Chili cook with them before trick-or-treating.Needless to say Halloween will be put away this weekend instead of today.
    Enjoy your day! I guess I should get back to what they pay me todo here LOL 🙂
    Elizabeth recently posted..What happened to Busy Monday?My Profile

    1. Jean Post author

      Hope you enjoyed your trick or treating a day late! My dad used to always fix chili before my nieces and nephews would go around the neighborhood.

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  3. Deanna

    Look at that – we have the same style phone, dust and all. The only difference between our phones is a little coloring, and my area around the message number part is squarish instead of round.

    1. Jean Post author

      Our phone has been giving quite a bit of static lately. Does your phone do that? I am trying to decide if it is the phone or our line.

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