A Little (Okay a Large) Vegan on the Side

mpm mpm Bookmenuplan I decided to go back to posting my meal plans separately from the Monday planning posts.  Mainly because I actually refer back to these meal plans during the week and have decided it’s too much trouble to scroll down through the rest of my Monday planning post just to see what we’re eating for dinner.  I’m lazy.  I fully admit it.  I’m also a bit off-balance or something.  I mean why oh why would I decide to try this 21 day Vegan kickstart thing the day after Halloween?   Um, guess what?  Snickers bars are not Vegan.  Very sad isn’t it?  It means I made it one day and then had slight slip up with some stealthy Snickers bars.  I saw a homemade Vegan version of Snickers bars but it had more steps than getting into freezer and unwrapping candy.  So far so good today though.  Surprisingly, I’m not really finding it all that hard to do overall since I started a bit early by just doing Vegetarian.  It makes me feel like I must be doing something wrong but even so I’m still eating much better than I was previously.  I fully admit I’m struggling with the whole not caring much for beans thing so tend to be  skipping those recipes a fair amount.   Thank goodness I like humus although I hope by the time I’m done that I don’t despise the stuff.  Here’s what we’ll be eating this week….main courses for them and my side Vegan dishes on the side:

MONDAY:  Roasted Chicken Legs  (Fettuccine with grilled asparagus and peas) This meal is a carry over from last week

TUESDAY:  Spaghetti and Meatballs (Spaghetti Squash…I know I could eat the pasta but it turns out I like Spaghetti Squash–who knew!)

WEDNESDAY:  Ham steak and sweet potatoes (Mixed Greens Salad with blue corn chips and cashews)

THURSDAY:  French Toast and Bacon or Sausage (I bought some type of Vegan breakfast sausage so I’ll have that with cantaloupe and perhaps attempt these Chai Spice Pancakes)

FRIDAY:  BBQ brisket sandwiches (from meat in the freezer) and french fries  (Vegetable or Tomato Soup depending on my mood.  I’m thinking of stirring some spinach and artichoke dip mix I have into some tomato soup to give it a little pizzazz)

It would be nice if I could just force the boys to be Vegan for 3 weeks along with me but I think that might cause quite a bit of trauma and drama around here.  Thankfully, eating mainly fruits and vegetables makes meals fairly easy to prepare (well, maybe talk to me after I attempt that fettuccine dish  up there) so it’s not a huge issue to cook the other stuff for them.  Have you ever tried to radically change the way you eat for a few weeks?  Did you make your family join you in your voyage?  Any suggestions for some great Vegan products for me?  I don’t care much for the breakfast sausage I purchased although I did really like the Amy’s Organic Vegetable soup I had for lunch on Saturday.

As usual, I’m linking this post up to Menu Plan Monday over at I’m An Organizing Junkie.  If you are looking for great meal planning ideas and inspiration, go check her post out for links that will lead you to a little bit of every type of menu planning you can imagine.

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14 thoughts on “A Little (Okay a Large) Vegan on the Side

  1. Kemi Quinn

    Hee hee! Your posts crack me up. Yeah my family would boycott my dinners if I tried to leave out the meat. I had a friend in college who would crave meat after not eating it for a while. She was tiny too. I like spaghetti squash too. Now where’s your weekly plans list…..
    Kemi Quinn recently posted..My Plans for this Week November 4, 2013My Profile

    1. Jean Post author

      Thanks. I have to admit their dinner smelled so good tonight and I didn’t like mine at all. I need to get going on that weekly plan list. My oldest son was sick today and my husband was here (not sick) as well for some reason–really threw me off my routine! I’ll try to get it going after I get back from the grocery store which I thought about putting off until Tuesday but just remembered the forecast is 100% rain for tomorrow.

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  3. susan

    I’ve got vegetarians in the extended family, and I went thru my own “no meat” phase in college (it was either beer or beef, what can I say?) Trying to cook for a mixed crowd gets really difficult. Good luck!
    susan recently posted..It really was about peaceMy Profile

    1. Jean Post author

      Oh my, I don’t think I have that kind of skill level to make my own veggie burgers but I may get brave a tackle it eventually. Do you know of a good recipe?

  4. Elizabeth

    I went through a vegetarian phase when I was a teen but I could never do vegan way too many foods I like with milk and eggs. I’m sorry I could never give up chocolate LOL
    I’ve had to change up some eating habits due to health reasons but ultimately change back and shrug off my health because I’d hear a lot of complaints and I refuse to fix more than one meal a night.
    Good luck though!

    1. Jean Post author

      Actually, the Trader Joe’s semisweet chips are vegan or I would have never made it this far 😉 Fixing more than one meal a night can get tedious pretty fast but you better take care of yourself!

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  6. Deanna

    That’s such an amazing feat – cooking two different meals, especially since you were eating like them as well. Are you still keeping vegan? I have a difficult time preparing/buying things for my mom who is vegan. It’s very frustrating. For Christmas this year we’ll be hosting vegan, celiac, diabetic and nut allergy LOL I’m putting off menu planning 😉

    1. Jean Post author

      I am (mostly) staying Vegetarian for December but may try the Vegan challenge again when January rolls around. I see lots of fruits and veggies on your Christmas table this year! That is not a menu challenge I’d want to take on…

      1. Deanna

        The menu ended up not being all that bad, to be honest. We did have to make our own cream of something or other as we could not find the GF stuff to make our potato dish, we did a bang up job making vegan caramel corn, and vegan/GF cake balls, and we had tasty veggies, and a turkey, and I bought my mom a celebration roast, and we had ham, well ‘they’ had ham LOL Turned out awesome. A bit much to prepare, honestly, but that’s what it is all about, right?

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