Meat (and) The Vegan Menu Plan

Bookmenuplan Did you know that 21 days isn’t really that long?   It sure does seem like it though.  Two more weeks of trying this Vegan challenge.  I’m determined to hang in there despite a few minor transgressions (I could not consume the side salad at McDonald’s tonight without dressing.).   A lot of the suggested recipes simply sound well, disgusting to me so I’ve been doing my own thing in regards to coming up with meat and dairy free dishes.  Earlier this week, I threw together a garlic, artichoke tomato sauce for my spaghetti squash that was pretty good after discovering my beloved V’s spaghetti sauce contained dairy.

My own spaghetti sauce.

My own artichoke and tomato sauce for the spaghetti squash.

Last night I had brown rice and vegetables (read I cleaned out the fridge) with a bit of soy sauce while they had the BBQ brisket sandwiches.  It was enough but I fully admit the brisket smelled MUCH better than my rice.  I was determined not to lapse again though (there may have been a slight misstep with some cheese pizza on Friday evening–I still skipped the meat so that has to count for something, right?).   This is an easier way to cook as long as the ingredients are around but gets kind of tough on days like today when I’m in desperate need of a grocery store visit.  Here’s the plan for the week including what the meat eaters will be devouring.


BLT’s and French fries (I’ll just have mine minus the B)


fish sticks, baked potato, and salad (same for me minus the fish sticks!)


pork chops for them,  going to try this southwestern roasted butternut squash for me (I’ll share with them if they ask, of course).


Pancakes.  We just had French toast last week but I didn’t get any and my first attempt at some form of Vegan pancakes were sad.  As a matter of fact, I think the poor pancake wannabes were downright depressed when I moved them to the trashcan and had toast and blueberry fruit spread for dinner instead.   Anyway, I’m craving pancakes and so that’s what they’ll get and I’ll try, try again to make a version using almond milk and no eggs for me.


Happy 9th Birthday to J!  We’ll be having tacos at his birthday party.  I’ll probably have some homemade bean dip (1 can re-fried beans plus 1 can Rotel tomatoes-mix & heat) and tortilla chips plus may go all out and make some guacamole.  There will also be this cake, of course.  It’s going to be another attempt at a Minecraft cake.  He’s actually requested this one.  Wish me luck!


What is on your menu plan for this week?  If you need some ideas or inspiration, be sure to go check out Menu Plan Monday over at I’m an Organizing Junkie!


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