Follow Through Friday, November 22

FollowThroughFriday1 Who me?  Write a blog post.  Okay.  I really didn’t plan on waiting until it was time for another Follow Through Friday to write again but sometimes things just happen and happen.  Thankfully, it was just a lot of minor little things keeping me away and nothing overly serious. Ever have those weeks where you’ve been busy but then when you look back you can’t explain exactly WHY you were so busy?  That was this week.  I did work at the elementary school book fair Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday.  That was a bit more time than I planned on committing especially for Wednesday when I wasn’t even signed up but ended up by myself for a fair amount of the shift.   My husband was out-of-town until Tuesday afternoon as well.  I know somewhere in there, I went grocery shopping, went to Bunco, and yesterday I went and (finally!) bought J some new pants.  Seems like I could have squeezed in a blog post but I didn’t manage it.  I sure missed having my Monday planning post and that pesky menu plan finished this week.  However, it’s Friday!  Time to take care of some items I’ve set aside and let slide around here.  It’s a cold, deary day so I’m planning all my follow-through for things at home so I don’t have to get out.

  1. Laundry!  If I felt inclined, I might write a poem about my heap o’ laundry.  I don’t feel inclined to do so.  Sorry.  I was actually somewhat caught up and then my husband dumped all his hunting/out-of-town clothing on top of the baskets leaving me to face this today (yes, I’ve let it sit since Tuesday):

    And...there is more laundry in the basement just waiting for me.

    And…there is more laundry in the basement just waiting for me.

  2. Pay the bills!  I am in a shopping mood but not for stuff we actually need except well, Christmas presents.

    I also need to go through my files.  Again.

    I also need to go through my files. Again.

    However, I think the responsible thing to do would be to pay our bills and THEN, go shopping if the mood stays around after that.  By the way, I need gift ideas for a 12-year-old boy.  Anyone?

  3. I volunteered to bring pies to the Thanksgiving feast next week so I need to make sure I have all my ingredients on hand.  I do not enjoy the grocery store on the Wednesday before Thanksgiving.  I’ll be making a Caramel Apple Pie, Pumpkin Pie, and Chocolate Pie next week.  I feel like I should make one more to have an even number but we’ll see how my motivation holds.  I may make an extra chocolate as it disappeared very fast and first last year.   I guess I’ll be cleaning out my fridge, freezer, pantry, and cabinets a bit.  They all need it.  Especially the baking cabinet where I spilled a packet of Chia seeds earlier this week and ran screaming from the room.

    That pile that looks like ash is the spilled chia seeds.

    That pile that looks like ash is the spilled chia seeds.

    Okay, I didn’t really run screaming from the room but I did pretend I didn’t notice because I was thinking what a mess they would be to clean.  Chia seeds EXPAND when they get wet never mind the whole idea of taking everything out of the cabinet is not high on my list of fun things to do.

Not exactly an exciting day planned over here.   Both boys are wanting to have friends over this weekend as well.  I need to call the mom of J’s friend today since I promised him earlier in the week that I would check with them.  I’m hoping we can maybe go to one of the holiday tree lighting events this weekend but I will have to wait and see how much resistance my homebody family gives me about actually leaving the house.   What plans do you have for today and the weekend?

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