Thankful to Have a Menu Plan

mpm mpm mpm mpmfall mpmfall mpm-chalkboard Last week was just one of those weeks and I didn’t even put a menu plan together.  Since I was rushing through the store on Monday night throwing random items in my grocery cart, last week’s dinners were a challenge!  Of course, menu plan or not, we still ate.  Please note that a lot of the things we ate last week I pulled from our pantry as well:

Monday:  Frozen Pizza.  The boys had the standard Red Baron and I had this:

I'm starting to like this Amy person.

I’m starting to like this Amy person.

Tuesday:  Individual Ham Steaks, Baked Sweet Potatoes, Pineapple, Rolls (These were in a package that was in danger of going bad.), and salad  (I only ate the salad)

Wednesday:  Chicken Soup (Progresso for J), Wine and Herb Marinated (mix) Chicken and Tomato-Artichoke Risotto (I only had the risotto.  I had never made it before but thought it turned out pretty well and my husband and J both liked it!)

Thursday:  Taco Soup (using leftover taco meat from J’s birthday party that I had stashed in the freezer), I had a salad with guacamole and chips

My taco salad: cabbage, guacamole, and blue corn chips

My taco salad: cabbage, guacamole, and blue corn chips

Friday:  Frozen Pizza.  Yes, we had frozen pizza twice in the same week.  I had an Amy’s spinach pizza this time.  I think I preferred the one pictured above though.  J had a friend spend the night and that is what he requested for dinner.  Pizza.  I offered to order it but he wanted frozen pizza.

Saturday:  Chicken nuggets, slightly modified from this recipe (I heard no complaints about my use of almond milk or addition of flax meal in the flour although I certainly didn’t offer up those facts!), french fries (Trader Joe’s bag), and crunchy coleslaw (just my husband and I ate this)

Sunday:  Spaghetti for lunch and dinner was biscuits, bacon, and ham so nothing exciting.

I very much missed having a menu plan last week and am very thankful to have a few minutes to sit down and make one up for this week even if one day (Thanksgiving!) is already pretty planned out for me.   The boys will be home from school Wednesday through Friday this week as well and we are having a cousin stay here while in town for the holiday!  Here’s what we’ll most likely be eating this week:

Monday:  Roast in the crock-pot

Tuesday:  Trader Joe’s Fish Sticks, baked potatoes, salad

Wednesday:  Hamburgers and hot dogs with sweet potato fries, corn on the cob  MAYBE.  We have two sets of plans currently and one would involve dinner elsewhere.

Thursday:  Happy Thanksgiving!  We’ll be eating at my in-law’s house where I’ll be contributing 3 pies to the feast (pumpkin, chocolate, and caramel apple)

Friday:  Leftovers!  OR  homemade egg rolls and butternut squash fried rice (trying new recipes)

Saturday & Sunday options:  Leftovers, frozen pizza, taco salads (still have taco meat in the freezer), ham/grilled cheese sandwiches, whatever I can throw together with stuff from the fridge and pantry.


If you’ve been following my blog, then you know I have been doing a Vegan Kickstart challenge but that ended on the 21st.  I didn’t follow it perfectly but I have discovered that I prefer to eat less meat and dairy.  I’m sticking with the almond milk and have a new love of vegetable soup.  I admit I could never quite bring myself to try the tofu.  Just looking at my weekly menu plan up there, I already know I’ll be passing on the roast (no idea what I’ll be eating instead maybe leftover spaghetti since I made myself spaghetti squash today and couldn’t get anyone else to even try it), probably just have a baked potato on Tuesday, I have one Boca burger left for Wednesday, and of course, I’m going to have a little turkey on Thanksgiving.  However, shall I confess?  Turkey has never been my favorite Thanksgiving food.  I’m all about the cranberry sauce which I put on my turkey and the sweet potatoes (covered in marshmallows).  Those two dishes would be enough for me.  I could probably be quite content to just sit in the corner with cranberry sauce (as long as it is homemade–not that canned stuff!).  What is your favorite Thanksgiving food?

As always, I’m linking up this post to Menu Plan Monday over at I’m An Organizing Junkie where you can find an amazing array of menu plans and meal ideas!


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