A Saturday Success Story

SaturdaySuccesspic1 Well, I am glad I set the bar low on my to-do list yesterday because I was able to accomplish the little tasks (although 14 minutes did not prove to be long enough for the desk and the top of the heater.   I admit I cheated a bit with number 1 but I did write a blog post yesterday so hey, that’s a start.  I have plans for the rest of the week (or rather next week….am I the only one who keeps thinking that today is Sunday for some reason?) as well.

  1. I can’t decide if I want to share my weekly blogging plans or not but I think I’ll go ahead in order to keep myself accountable.  No post on Sunday (if there is one consider it a bonus as I don’t generally post on Sundays), Traditional weekly planning posts (Starting Successful on Monday and Menu Plan) on Monday, My goal for the year on Tuesday that you’ll want to READ all about, My word of the year on Wednesday…last year’s word was present which was nice but I’m taking a more practical approach with my word for 2014, Thoughts on last year’s venture into Veganism on Thursday, and of course, there will be Follow Through Friday and hopefully, more Saturday Success Stories to follow.

  2. The camera date is fixed!  Yay!  It took all of about 5 minutes when I stopped to actually do it.  Isn’t it funny how we can sometimes put off the smallest, simplest tasks for the longest time?

  3. I was tempted to skip the 14 minute space clearing task since I was busy yesterday and really, I’ll share that it was close to 10p.m. (we left the Cotton Bowl party close to half-time)  before I decided I needed to take action and focus on it.  I didn’t get the top of the space heater cleared off but I did make a big dent on the desk.  It looks like this today:

    We now have one semi-clear surface in the house!

    We now have one semi-clear surface in the house!

    Clearly, I need to do a bit more dusting.  The tablet on top of the printer and the flashlight appeared between when I cleared off the desk and took the photo.

Should I confess that for all I accomplished yesterday (not very much), I am sitting here still in my pajamas at 3p.m. in the afternoon today?  I’m hoping some motivation makes its way back to me soon.  I really should try to accomplish something before the next predicted snowstorm and cold weather arrive instead of acting like it is already here.  How did you do on your to-do list yesterday?    Also, if you have any spare motivation, please send it this way!

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7 thoughts on “A Saturday Success Story

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    1. Jean Post author

      Thank you! My plan is to get a start on all of them today so I can just spend the week adding the finishing touches and hitting the publish button.

    1. Jean Post author

      Thanks! We’ll see how long I can keep it that way. I’m hoping the cleared area will spread and take over all the flat surfaces around here 🙂

  2. Elizabeth

    Nice to see you back. Yeah no extra motivation here to give but if you find the motherload stash of it toss some my way. 🙂 Sounds like you got more accomplished around the house than I did my crowning achievement was dragging my husband out to hold the ladder for me so I could finally clean out the gutters before the new storm rolled in. Yeah, should have been done in Fall I kept trying to pay someone else to do it but no one would.

    1. Jean Post author

      Thanks, I’m glad to be back to the blog. If it is our storm coming your way, I’m glad you did accomplish that before the COLD that will arrive. We didn’t get a huge amount of snow but Brr! it is brisk out there. Even the cats changed their minds about venturing out in it.

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