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mealplanmondayfruit This should be a week about getting back to routine around here.  However, the snow came last night and the freezing temperatures are supposed to follow tonight and into tomorrow.  I have a feeling that the boys may all be here for an extra day of vacation tomorrow (I started this post last night and we did wake up to -10 today.  I’m so glad they did indeed cancel school.)  I’m not exactly motivated to get out in the snow and freezing cold to grocery shop for the week so I’m basing our menu for the week on what we have on hand.  I think that’s how your supposed to menu plan in January anyway isn’t it?  Here’s the plan unless the weather changes drastically (I’d be fine with 80 degrees and sunny!):


Spaghetti or chili or perhaps both freezing the leftovers for another day.  I think I have enough green stuff in the fridge and a few tomatoes as well to make a side salad with whichever ends up being dinner.  If I get ambitious, the boys may get a King cake based on this recipe.


Fried pork chops with roasted grapes…I want to make this recipe but will make my “regular” pork chops so the boys will eat them.   I picked up some frozen dinner rolls last time I was at the grocery store so we’ll have those as well.


Tacos and taco soup (for us).  It wouldn’t be a return to routine around here if tacos weren’t on our menu somewhere.


Spicy Roasted Chicken Legs and maybe a pasta salad.  Perhaps we’ll pretend it’s summer and have strawberry shortcakes for dessert.  Maybe blueberry shortcakes since I have some frozen ones and winter strawberries are a bit on the yuck side as far as flavor goes since they are so far out of season.


Sloppy Joes (from a can since I still can’t find my go to recipe) and Sweet Potato Fries or maybe regular hamburgers which actually sound better now that I’m suddenly dreaming of summertime.


After taking an accidental/sort of on purpose break from menu planning over the holiday, I’m certainly happy to be back on track with knowing what we’ll have for dinner tonight instead of doing the 4p.m. stare into the fridge, freezer, and pantry.  I confess I did stock up on quite a bit of convenience food for the boys’ break from school so it wasn’t always that difficult to determine dinner but I am certainly ready to return to putting healthier fare (if only just barely) on the table again.  If you are looking to get inspired with meal ideas or to menu plan in general, the best place to visit is Menu Plan Monday hosted by I’m an Organizing Junkie.


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10 thoughts on “Menu Plan Monday


    I was supposed to go grocery shopping on Saturday but had the grandkids, didn’t feel good, and didn’t want to fight the crowds preparing for the big storm. Then Sunday the storm happened so I stayed in. I was going to try to go today but it’s just too darn cold. So I’ll wait for tomorrow’s heat wave and try to go then. In the meantime, the cupboard is getting LOW! I don’t have enough ingredients to pull together a week of meals like you are so I’m going to have to bite the bullet and go tomorrow. I still haven’t replenished the pantry from our move (we combined households for 3 months and I left most of the food with the kids). recently posted..What’s For Dinner? (No 101)My Profile

    1. Jean Post author

      I have enough to pull together around dinner meals but I don’t have as many lunchbox friendly items for the kids to make it an entire week so I’ll have to get out as well. They said it is warmer out there already but I’m still COLD over here.

    1. Jean Post author

      I think I’ve made the Pioneer Woman recipe before and they weren’t huge fans around here (my family is VERY picky) although I didn’t mind them.

      1. Deanna

        I certainly wasn’t Mother Hubbard during the time span you were – we were literally drowning in food, and yes, I *did* actually feel guilty about it considering all of those people who may have been hungry.

        NOW though it’s a different story – I just got DONE with it all, DONE with not being able to see the light in the freezer – though you know it’s our only freezer, and DONE with having to shift things around in the fridge, and on and on. So I do actually have to go today because I need to pick some items up for a shindig tonight, but in addition, we have no fruit, other than 2 bananas, and some canned mandarin oranges, of which Chad and I will eat the bananas, and Jenna and I will eat the oranges, and Josie, well, she’d be happy NOT eating fruit of ANY kind LOL

        Still, I can’t help but feel so happy with my almost empty fridge. I still could really make it another week (or more) with the pantry goods. Not saying we’d all be smiling though LOL

        Last night was a bit of desperation – we had conferences, and didn’t get back until 8 p.m.

        I had thawed some ground turkey out, so I set to making meatloaf like conditions, then made two thin patties (x 12), stuck a piece of cheddar in there, and then baked the 6 patty/meatloaf things alongside the freebie Market Day potato sticks. Jenna actually asked for a banana, and I had one, and that was that. *Pat* *Pat* *Pat* LOL

        1. Jean Post author

          Sometimes those desperation dinners turn out to be the best ones. I already could use with another clean out of our fridge although I’m thinking a lot of those items may be bound for the trash, SIGH.

          1. Deanna

            Oh no on the trash 🙁

            I have a compost bin that makes me feel a little better, but I try to catch most things before it gets to that point. We did have some fruit go bad, sadly. I just bought too much, with a fundraiser thing, which wasn’t the issue, but I thought we’d eat even more food/fruit than that, and bought more at the store, etc.

            Our fridge is pretty full right now – a trip to Costco does that pretty good. YUM I’m hoping for a lovely salad tonight.

          2. Jean Post author

            Salad sounds wonderful and GREEN for St. Patrick’s day as well. I wouldn’t mind getting a compost bin going. I need to check into that.

          3. Deanna

            Our city sells them in May for around $40 or so, the black garbage pail looking ones. I like it because it’s contained, and not unsightly. However, a more frugal way would be to put up some fencing in a circle, and let it be it.

            Winter has proven a bit of an issue – we’ve needed to put a “homer” bucket on the porch, and dump the contents from our indoor bucket to there, and then after three indoor buckets worth, Chad has to go out and knock the lid from the black one loose, and dump the homer bucket contents in there. Funny, we found some peanuts in the shell that were coming to their due date, so I took one afternoon and shelled the peanuts. I had filled a bowl with shells, dumped them in the homer bucket, and lo and behold, a squirrel came and took a shell. Well, of course I had some peanuts in the house, and so I put some out for him/her, and when he/she had their fill, they went and got their friend. Super cute. Yes, there was salt on the peanuts, but you know, I’m just not gonna think about that.

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