Starting Successful on Monday, January 6

mondaystartbutton After not planning my weeks except in sputters and spurts for the entire time span between Thanksgiving and Christmas, I am so glad to jump back into linking up with Felicia over at Felicia’s Red Door Life to get a start on my week.  Time to plan my weeks again instead of letting my weeks run wild.  I am especially ready to get back into some sort of routine around here even though the boys are getting a bonus vacation day tomorrow today (Is it COLD where you are?).

Scripture of the Week:  

I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me (Philippians 4:13)

This one just popped into my head for the week so we’ll see where it takes me.

Focus of the Week:

Return to order, routine, and CLEAN.

The Weather this Week:

Frozen, the live edition?  We woke up to -10 actual temperatures this morning.   It is supposed to back in the 40s by the weekend though.  It has warmed up to a balmy -4 for our current temperature.


Trying to type quietly (I have no idea how) because my husband has gone back to bed and listening to the boys play X-box in the next room (They aren’t exactly being quiet either).

To Do List:

I’m going to try something different with this list…

MONDAY:  Make a menu plan blog post, pay bills, clear off the kitchen table,

It's been this bad since...Christmas.  SIGH.

It’s been this bad since…Christmas. SIGH.

and take the wreath off the front door plus put away any other stray remaining remnants of Christmas.

Is that a Christmas pillow on my couch?  I'm slipping!

Is that a Christmas pillow on my couch? I’m slipping!

TUESDAY:  Publish post on my goal for the year, get out of the house (probably to the grocery store and Target), clean bathrooms, and relocate the Lego City suburbs that have sprung up in the living room.

I usually have photos on this table.

I usually have photos on this table.

TV tray towns are springing up as well...

TV tray towns are springing up as well…

WEDNESDAY:  Publish post on my word of the year, spend 14 minutes clearing clutter in each room of the house, and write any important dates on calendar (it’s so clean, clear, and pretty that I don’t want to write on it but I need to do just that or it is kind of pointless isn’t it?).

One of my birthday gifts from my husband.  A calendar with big boxes.  Sadly, no pictures though.

One of my birthday gifts from my husband. A calendar with big boxes. Sadly, no pictures though.

I may look for a calendar with pictures while I’m out on Tuesday as well.  Perhaps I’ll look for a small desktop type to keep back here.

THURSDAY:  Publish post with my thoughts on the Vegan challenge I did back in November…it’s actually already started from back in early December!, actually clean the floors, and  go through house with a clipboard and take note of items that I can take action on cleaning, clearing, or correcting.  By the way, the clipboard and idea came from this post by Laura at I’m an Organizing Junkie back in 2011!  We did it in 2012 and I don’t know why but the clipboard really did make it more fun.  Having the list certainly helped as well.

FRIDAY:  Publish Follow Through Friday post and link up, complete any missed list items from Monday through Thursday, work on one item from clipboard list, and spend 14 minutes in each room of house cleaning and clearing clutter.

SATURDAY:  Publish Saturday Success Stories post, take G to see Thor 2 depending on weather and if I can find a theater in town still showing the movie, and spend 14 minutes clearing clutter in basement.

What I Read Last Week:

Jan6 002

This one was worth reading!

Prelude to the Foundation by Isaac Asimov.  I loved it!  One of my favorite movies of all time, I Robot, is based on his work so I should not have been surprised.  I stumbled across the book in a small, independent used book store.  Now I must find The Foundation (they didn’t have that one or I’d have read it first as Prelude to the Foundation was written later as a prequel…kind of like The Hobbit was written after The Lord of the Rings trilogy.).  If you like science fiction writing and haven’t read this yet, I highly recommend it!

Shopping List:

Paper towels, lunch box items for the boys, soap, and produce containers for the fridge.

On the Blog:

I’m not going to make big plans for this week and instead just focus on getting back to writing and publishing posts.


What is on your agenda for the week?  And if you are anywhere the temperature is above 20 degrees, I do not want to hear about it!

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9 thoughts on “Starting Successful on Monday, January 6

    1. Jean Post author

      Thanks. I’m hoping it will help keep me on track a bit better. Let me know if it helps you as well.

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  3. Elizabeth

    Looks like all the gals are back. I’m trying to catch up with everyone’s posts. Monday & Tuesday my kids were out of school too we were in the -20’s after windchill was factored in so school had been canceled due to the temp. Only problem with the warm up this weekend here is it looks like it is going to bring rain. I am ‘so’ ready for Spring!
    Elizabeth recently posted..Busy Monday Edition, January 6My Profile

    1. Jean Post author

      My kids had Monday & Tuesday off school as well due to the temps…I’m still confused about the days of the week! I’ve heard we’re supposed to get sleet in the morning and then rain for the weekend and warm temperatures as well. Yes, I’m am VERY ready for spring over here as well.

    1. Jean Post author

      I am really excited to read the next one…I just need to find it. I’m hoping I can locate it at Half-Price Books…wasn’t too surprised that Barnes & Noble didn’t have it in store.

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