Follow Through Friday, January 10

FollowThroughFriday1 This week has not gone according to plan but the detour from the planned course has not been bad and may have been just what I needed for this week.  The boys returned to school on Wednesday after having 2 bonus vacation days due to the cold weather.  I had planned to spend the past two days enjoying the quiet but the preschool called and so instead I spent pretty much all day there on both Wednesday and Thursday.  It is a joyous place to be and I didn’t regret ignoring the piles of laundry or many other tasks on my list to go hang out with a bunch of preschool children.  However, it looks like so far my Friday is free and it really is time for some serious Follow Through around here!  Here’s what I would knock of my list of postponed (Doesn’t that word sound so much nicer than procrastinated?) items for today:

  1.  Since I was playing with my preschool friends all day, I didn’t get either of my planned posts written or finished and published.  My goal for today is to get at least one of those 2 posts finished and published.  Bonus points to myself if I can get the other post finished and scheduled to publish.  Double bonus points if I can get my posts for next week planned as that really did help this week even if I wasn’t able to write or hit the publish button as much as I would have liked.

  2. Clean out the fridge!  You really don’t want to know how I’ve been simply shoving things in there since ahem before Christmas.

    This actually looks slightly better than earlier in the week.

    This actually looks slightly better than earlier in the week.

    The door is not much better.  Things have been falling out.

    The door is not much better. Things have been falling out.

    I went to the store Tuesday afternoon to grab a few lunchbox items and shoved those in there along with a package of pork chops which my husband did not make (he was nice enough to make the boys dinner the days I worked this week) because he could not see them in there.  I think I have some serious tossing to do.

  3. It is raining this morning and as long as it stays rain, I need to go to the Dollar Tree store.  I have also needed to go there since Christmas time but the thought of tackling that store when I was sick turned out to be a bit more than I could stand.  However, the body-wash I typically use comes from there and I’ve been out of it for a while now.  Depending on my time constraints and motivation while I’m out, I may also look into getting another pair of pants for days when I work.  I have TWO right now and I am supposed to work 3 days in a row near the end of the month.   I am also hoping to sneak into Half-Price Books to search for a few more books that I want to read and couldn’t find when I went to Barnes and Noble with the boys on Tuesday.

I’m trying to be kind to myself and not make my list for today too much.  Hopefully, I will get a few other things accomplished from the to-do list I made at the start of the week.   Was this your first week back to a routine after a holiday break?  How did you manage and what is left on your list for the day?  I’d love to hear about it!

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4 thoughts on “Follow Through Friday, January 10

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  3. Deanna

    With regard to your body wash dilemma, you can, if you didn’t know, order a case of it for pick up at the store, free shipping. It might be worth it to save you the frustration of it all of them always being out of it.

    Do they have multiple scents, or just one? After reading your rave review, and reading all the rave reviews on the website, I thought I would have my girls give it a smell – not so much for them, but maybe they are just ‘jaded’ by all the smells from B&BW (which I’m a fan of the first couple of times of their use, and then not so much. There’s one they use that has a very long hang time scent wise, and it gets to be a bit much.)


    1. Jean Post author

      Actually, they haven’t been out of it in quite a while and I’ve learned my lesson so I buy 5-6 bottles at a time. They just have the one scent and it is very light. It definitely wouldn’t compete with the Bath and Body Works scents which I do love, just more in candles now than the body wash.

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