A Saturday Semi-Success Story

SaturdaySuccesspic1 How did your Follow Through Friday go?  Did you cross everything off your list?  My day followed much like the rest of the week in being completely unpredictable.  I had a nagging feeling all morning that I was supposed to be at the preschool and had forgotten.  Thankfully, that was not the case but they did call for me to come in yesterday afternoon.  I think for spending most the afternoon away from the house, I still did pretty good with my list items so while I didn’t cross ALL the items off my list, I did get most things done.  Here’s how I did:

  1. I did manage to get my word of the year post published before I went off to work so I was happy about that.   No bonus points on the other two items here though.  As of right now, next week’s posts will simply be:  The Starting Successful on Monday post, Menu Plan Monday,  My Vegan Challenge post (I promise this WILL happen), and Follow Through Friday.  Hopefully, I’ll add others to that lists but haven’t had a minute until now to sit down and think them through.

  2. Finally at about 7p.m. last night, I decided I NEEDED to go ahead and clean out the fridge no matter how tired I felt.   I didn’t really do anything fancy other than lots and lots of tossing out but it made a huge difference (sorry for the blurry picture!):

    It is nice to see what is in there again.

    It is nice to see what is in there again.

    The door is in better shape as well.

    The door is in better shape as well.

    The trash was almost overflowing when I finished and yes, wiping that wall off is now on the to-do list.

    The trash was almost overflowing when I finished and yes, wiping that wall off is now on the to-do list.

  3. Running errands was the one item on the list I simply did not accomplish but I’m not going to be too hard on myself here as it is rather hard to be in two places at once and once I arrived home, I wanted to stay there and hang out with the boys.  G and I were supposed to go see Thor:  Dark World today but he turned the tween up to a volume that I couldn’t handle and so we might go tomorrow which leaves today open for all those errands even if it is a beautiful Saturday which means it will be crowded everywhere.

How are you spending the day?  Finishing up your list items or are you all done and “busy” relaxing?

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4 thoughts on “A Saturday Semi-Success Story

  1. Felicia

    It was a gorgeous day wasn’t it and a much needed one after this insane weather we have had. I managed to survive the crazies at the local Walmart and get some heavy duty grocery shopping done and because of that got the freezer and pantry organized. I really should clean out the fridge this week, probably on Thursday so the foods only in the can for a day before trash pick up.

    Other than that it’s been a slow quite weekend, the munchkin went to a friends house and Mike watched the Saint’s game. I have a few goals for the next week, but you’ll have to wait till Monday to see those. =)
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    1. Jean Post author

      I bet it feels good to have your pantry and freezer organized. I usually try to clean out my fridge close to trash day as well but it didn’t work out that way this time. Can’t wait to see your goals on Monday!

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  3. Deanna

    WOW! That is one FULL garbage bin 🙁 Good job cleaning it all out. Makes it so much easier, I assume, to get things that you actually want.


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