mealplanmondayfruit I’m getting a late start with this post since we’ve just finished tonight’s dinner.  However, we did eat what I had on the plan which tasted twice as good since my husband was gracious enough to cook it for us.  We’re having a bit nicer weather that is making me crave spring-like foods  instead of the warm, comfort foods that are typical here this time of year.  Last week, I ended up working quite a bit and didn’t think to share my menu plan with my husband who covered dinner most of the days so he just sort of went with his own ideas.  I have no complaints if someone else is going to do the cooking though!   Here’s the plan for this week (which I suppose I should share with someone who plans to cook supper!):

MONDAY:  hamburgers and hotdogs, onion rings, and corn on the cob.

TUESDAY:  Spicy roasted chicken legs, french fries, and carrots (sort of carryover from last week with different sides)

WEDNESDAY:  Savory pepper steak in slow cooker , rice

THURSDAY:  BLT’s and salad

FRIDAY:  Smorgasbord!  pasta.  I basically plan to cook some tri-color pasta that has been taking up space in the pantry for too long and set out choices for toppings (or as side items).

My menu is pretty no-frills this week but since I’m trying to get us back into a routine after Christmas break and just in time for another holiday next Monday, it should work well for us.  I plan to spend some time tonight assembling the dinners for Tuesday and Wednesday so they are ready to go.  I also need to make some lunchbox treats since I didn’t hide them well enough last night (Yes, in ONE day, they managed to wipe out a stash of snacks).  Any good suggestions for hiding places for lunchbox treats?

If you still need ideas for planning your menu this week, be sure to check out Menu Plan Monday over at I’m An Organizing Junkie for an amazing amount of inspiration.





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