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Whew, did last week go by in a blur for anyone else?  Now that our weather is back to normal (actually a little warmer than normal but I’m not complaining!) and the boys will be returning to school for an entire week (I’d feel for them if they weren’t getting next Monday off school again and probably a 1/2 day in there somewhere as well), I am really ready to get back into some sort of rhythm and routine around here.  Linking up with Starting Successful on Monday over at Felicia’s Red Door Life always seems to help add a bit of that rhythm and routine into my weeks.

Scripture of the Week:

I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me (Philippians 4:13)

I’m sticking with the same verse from last week since I’m starting to feel a bit overwhelmed which isn’t good since it is only Sunday night.

Focus of the Week:

Taming the sugar monster.  I have no idea what the deal has been but I’ve been on a bit of a sugar kick all weekend.  I need to STOP.  I think I’m sweet enough (ahem).

The Weather this Week:

A preview of spring!  I had the windows open today and it was so nice to let out some of our stale, sick air and replace it with fresh.   Who would think that the high 40’s would feel balmy but after last week’s start of -10, I’ll take it.  Today it climbed to 62.  Makes me want to go plant flower seeds but I know it is much too early for that.


Enjoying the peace as J is at friend’s house, my husband is not home either, and G is playing X-box with friends.  I’ve not been “Mom”‘d  for almost 2 hours now. Updating to say it is now 10p.m. and everyone is home and asleep.  I’ve been called into work tomorrow so I’m trying to finish and schedule this post tonight before I go to bed.

To Do List:

Last week I tried breaking my list up by the day of the week and I think it would have worked fairly well had I been home for the full week so I’m trying that again.

List from last Monday:   Make a menu plan blog post, pay bills, clear off the kitchen table, and take the wreath off the front door plus put away any other stray remaining remnants of Christmas.

MONDAY:  Make a menu plan blog post, Clean the bathrooms, Two loads of laundry, and Change Cat boxes.

List from last Tuesday:  Publish post on my goal for the year, get out of the house (probably to the grocery store and Target), clean bathrooms, and relocate the Lego City suburbs that have sprung up in the living room.

TUESDAY: Publish blog post with my thoughts on the Vegan Challenge, Clean out top 3 dresser drawers in bedroom, Write School Holidays and half-days on calendars, Go to PTA meeting and Mom’s Night Out.

List from last Wednesday:  Publish post on my word of the year, spend 14 minutes clearing clutter in each room of the house, and write any important dates on calendar (it’s so clean, clear, and pretty that I don’t want to write on it but I need to do just that or it is kind of pointless isn’t it?).

WEDNESDAY:  Publish blog post on my new carefree (and clutter-free) approach to using coupons, Change sheets on G and J’s beds, Steam mop kitchen and living room floors, Have G and J clean out their sock drawers

List from last Thursday:  Publish post with my thoughts on the Vegan challenge I did back in November…it’s actually already started from back in early December!, actually clean the floors, and go through house with a clipboard and take note of items that I can take action on cleaning, clearing, or correcting. By the way, the clipboard and idea came from this post by Laura at I’m an Organizing Junkie back in 2011! We did it in 2012 and I don’t know why but the clipboard really did make it more fun. Having the list certainly helped as well.

THURSDAY:  Publish blog post on Drawer a Day Challenge, Clean out 1 bedroom dresser drawer, Go through house with the clipboard taking notes of action items (see above), Pare down the pantry as I’m pretty sure there might be some cereal in there that is close to 2 years old (yuck.), and have the boys pick one thing each they no longer want/need in their rooms.

List from last Friday:  Publish Follow Through Friday post and link up, complete any missed list items from Monday through Thursday, work on one item from clipboard list, and spend 14 minutes in each room of house cleaning and clearing clutter.

FRIDAY:  Publish Follow Through Friday link up post,  Spend 15 minutes clearing clutter and cleaning in each room of the house, Clean out 1 bedroom dresser drawer, and complete any missed items from earlier in the week.

List from last Saturday:  Publish Saturday Success Stories post, take G to see Thor 2 depending on weather and if I can find a theater in town still showing the movie, and spend 14 minutes clearing clutter in basement.

SATURDAY:  Publish Saturday Success Stories link up post, Clean out 1 bedroom dresser drawer, and relax!

What I Read Last Week:

BlogJan12 005

I enjoyed these although upon starting Divergent, I realized why I had found Prelude to the Foundation so refreshing.  I get a bit weary of the constant first person narratives that seem so prevalent in all the young adult books I read.  I preferred Insurgent to Divergent simply because the story line becomes a bit more complex in the second novel.  I’ve heard rumors the third novel (Allegiant) may not be quite up to par with the first two or that it takes some sort of dark turn.   The third novel is apparently on the best seller list so I could have picked it up at a decent discount last Tuesday.  I definitely want to get it while I can get it at a lower cost.

From the Camera:

The King Cake we made on Monday.

The King Cake we made on Monday.

This is what -10 degrees looks like.

This is what -10 degrees looks like.

J made this mini-Lego toy chest on Saturday.

J made this mini-Lego toy chest on Saturday.


Shopping List:

I managed to get out today (finally) and picked up  my Oil of Life Body Wash, 2 new pairs of pants, and Ziploc bags (not all at the same store!).  I still need cat litter and will need cat food very soon.

On the Blog:

My goal is to post at least 4 of my planned days.  I also need to clean out my drafts folder as it is getting a bit cluttered with items that are no longer relevant.


Do you have a busy week ahead?  What is on your to-do list for the week?

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5 thoughts on “Starting Successful on Monday

  1. Elizabeth

    Great post – love the photos! The clipboard idea is terrific – I always see things that need to be done, and then when I get to my computer to write it all down, poof! It’s gone. 🙂 Thanks for writing about that.

  2. Felicia

    I love love love the how you broke your to do list down by days! What a brilliant idea. I imagine it’s a lot less overwhelming that way. I also love that you had/need to move lego suburbs. =) I can’t wait for those days. (remind me of this when I step on a lego at 3am)

    I keep hearing about those books, I guess I need to break down and see if I can get my hands on some copies of them.
    Felicia recently posted..Starting Successful on Mondays: Sew Me Some LoveMy Profile

    1. Jean Post author

      Thanks! I find it helps me reference my list and stick to it a bit better. By the time you are moving lego suburbs, there are more legos in the buildings than on the floor 🙂 Movie based on the first book comes out in March (why my son wanted to read it) so that is probably why you keep hearing about them so much.

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