Saturday Success Stories, The Tired Tales

SaturdaySuccesspic1 Were you thinking tired tales as in the same old story about how I didn’t completely succeed at my Follow Through Friday list?  While true, I actually mean tales about being exhausted when writing about yesterday.  We had a very rough Thursday night (early Friday morning?) around here with J waking several times with severe ear pain.  I can still remember how hard it was when the boys were tiny and would get ear infections and could only scream and cry.  It really isn’t any better when they are screaming and crying while telling you how much their ear hurts.  Distraction still barely works while waiting for those pain medications to kick in.  2a.m. “regular” television is about as horrible as you might think (or already know if you are an insomniac without cable either).   It wasn’t very pretty but I did accomplish a few of the items on my list:
  1. I did run errands.  Oh, did I ever run errands!  I started at 4:30a.m. because it was time for more pain relief medicine and what happens when everyone is sick more or less at the same time is you run out of pain medicines at the most inopportune times.  So, I started my day bright (dark?) and early with a before coffee trip to the drugstore to get that medicine.  I brought it home and after a brief discussion with my husband, went back out to the grocery store since we had no “easy” breakfast food here (we were even out of bread!).  That trip was before coffee as well.  Note to self:  It would have been okay to drink a quick cup of coffee.

    Nothing like having half your errands completed before 7a.m.

    Nothing like having half the errands completed before 7a.m.

    Valentine's Day Breakfast of Champions

    Valentine’s Day Breakfast of Champions

    Later in the afternoon, I ventured back out to pick up J’s prescription that the doctor was kind enough to simply call in for me and ran by the bank as well as made a rather brief stop in the used bookstore.

  2. Since I had to spend quite a bit of my morning waiting around for the phone to ring with a return phone call from the doctor’s office, I forced myself to clean off the desk.

    Today's starting point.

    The “new” mess atop the old mess.

    All clear!

    All clear!

    It is still fairly cleared off tonight (although no flat surface ever stays completely cleared off for long does it?).

  3. I’m sure that paybacks will not be pleasant but I went ahead and treated my laundry task like a jilted lover on Valentine’s Day which is to say I completely ignored it.

I cannot accept any bonus task points unless I can count the 2 levels I advanced on Candy Crush Saga (maybe the key to that dumb game is exhaustion?).  And the overall housecleaning?  Ha!  Like that happened.  I did clean up the kitchen a bit but that is all.  Made my husband his chocolate pie except I did something wrong and he said the texture didn’t seem right to him.  SIGH.   Maybe I’ll give myself a tiny bit of credit for taking the time to put together and schedule this post tonight.  How did you do with all your to-do list items yesterday?

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7 thoughts on “Saturday Success Stories, The Tired Tales

  1. Elizabeth

    I’m glad the doctor called something in for J! Katherine complained of her ear bugging her but only woke me up once after a week crying and a warm compress helped that. (Which if you don’t know take like one of those microwavable warming pads or a sock of rice or something and warm it up and put it on the hurting ear and it will help alleviate the pain for a little bit). I got her in after that morning incident and her eardrum had ruptured from the infection. I felt horrible about just giving her pain meds for a week. I really thought her sinuses were draining and bugging her ears because she didn’t complain 🙁 Get right onto those meds! I’d still have the ear checked out make sure there isn’t any damage. — Can you tell Kat’s experience has me freaked out about ears?
    You should have kicked your husband for complaining about the pie that’s my thought on it. I would have pointed to the kitchen and said, “Fine! Then you make one!” 😉
    Hope you have a great weekend.
    Elizabeth recently posted..Busy Monday, February 10My Profile

    1. Jean Post author

      Thank you. We did do that with the rice thing (what is the official name of those things? lol) but he didn’t like the way it felt and the heating pad was “too bumpy” SIGH. It was a long night. I do feel very fortunate that the boys have a great doctor. I guess J was also positive for Strep (they had just got the results from the slower test?) after all and so they had been planning to treat it anyway. I dunno. He’s doing MUCH better today thankfully. Yes, I can tell your experience has you a bit on edge–how is your daughter? I still need to have a piece of my pie to see what I think about 😉 then I’ll decide if his opinion was valid. I noticed he still saved it in the fridge–couldn’t have been that bad.

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    1. Jean Post author

      Ear infections are the worst. I’m glad you’ve never had to deal with them. I had one myself about 2 years ago and it was miserable. They are all doing much better today though 🙂 Thanks, remarkably, the desk still hasn’t succumbed to flat surface syndrome quite yet.

  3. Deanna

    So sorry to read that J had an ear infection. How awful.

    Funny, so my success just in finishing up what’s for dinner this evening turned into NOT following through LOL I did manage to get the calendar pages filled up – stickers and all, from January through April, and did install school dates through the end of the school year (June for us).

    Next email you mention dinner I’m so there 🙂

    1. Jean Post author

      Good for you in getting your calendar filled out! I need to double-check my days since they revised things due to our snow days.

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