Movie Mania (Part 1), Reviews of Movies for the Minors

We love to curl up on the couch and watch a good movie around here.  We even venture out to our local theater to watch a newer movie once in a while.  In the winter, we seem to do a lot of movie and television watching.
Have I mentioned we like movies around here?  I think I may have in this post.  Let me offer you some pictorial proof before I move on to discussing a few that we’ve seen recently (although the movies I discuss may or may not be recent as we do a lot of Netflix and Redbox choices in addition to choosing from our private collection.):
movie bookcase

Movie case in G’s room (we store all the movies in there).

Are you thinking that doesn’t look too bad?  Wait, there’s one more photo of the case pictured above…I think there may be an organizing project in my future.
movie stack

The leaning tower of movies?

Below you’ll find my take on some of the kid movies we’ve watched recently:

  • The Lego Movie:  We saw this one at the theater.  “Everything is awesome” as long as you can avoid focusing on the fact that it feels like you just paid money to watch a really great Superbowl ad.  My husband managed it, my older son thought it could have been better, and my youngest son who is a lover of all things Lego and not really a fan of going to see movies in the theater (but wanted to see this) said “It was okay”  Most reviews I’ve read and people I’ve spoken with about the movie seem to have been more favorable with their reviews so maybe it was just our family.  Don’t worry after you pay to see the really good commercial, you can go buy Lego sets based on the movie.

  • Turbo J absolutely loves this movie!  The first time we watched it as a family and agreed it wasn’t bad.  I honestly think that my husband and I are just getting to the point where the boys are older and kid cartoon movies don’t do as much for us.  We’ve hit our limit of animation maybe?  J’s requested this twice since we first watched it as his Redbox choice (the last time when he was sick).  There is also a series on Netflix, Turbo FAST, based on the movie that he enjoys very much.   G isn’t as enamored with it but will watch bits and pieces if he happens to be in the room.  I actually enjoyed this movie a bit more the second time I watched it although I couldn’t tell you why.

  • Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2:  Unfortunately, this one is the dud on the list.  Too bad since Redbox was kind enough to send us a $5 off coupon to buy it after we rented it.  I thought we’d all watch it together but the boys started it without me and it didn’t hold their interest.  Both started doing other things right in the middle of this one.  It never did interest me very much so I returned it without watching it myself.  I think G did finally sit and watch the end at one point since I forgot to take the movies back the next day so we had an entire extra day with it.

  • The Croods:  This Netflix pick is one I had absolutely no desire to see and ended up actually enjoying a bit.  I wouldn’t want to watch it on a repeating basis but for a one time family viewing, I found it had enough of a plot to keep me somewhat interested and engaged.  The boys were laughing at me as I did actually get a bit teary-eyed during one part (Mom! It is a kid movie.  Do you really think anything bad is really going to happen?  The joys of being surrounded by boys).

Wait, all those movies listed up there are Netflix, Redbox, or theater selections and that picture shows that we clearly have a large collection of movies they could choose from to watch around here.  They do.  The standby kid choices include:  Wreck-It Ralph and any of the classic Nintendo Super Mario World cartoons for J while G still favors all things Spiderman,  the “real” movies and animated series in the kid movies world.
What movies do your kids like to watch?  Or what kid movies do you still like to watch?  I still like some of the kid movies better than some of the movies for “grown ups” that  I’ve seen.
*Stay tuned for Movie Mania (part 2), Reviews of Movies for Adults to see what else we’ve watched lately. 
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8 thoughts on “Movie Mania (Part 1), Reviews of Movies for the Minors

  1. Jessica

    I haven’t seen any of those movies with the exception of Cloudy With a Chance 2 with my 13 y/o in the theaters. I thought it was cute. It’s nearly impossible to get a movie that the entire family can agree on. 20 month old, 13 year old and two adults it is super hard. The baby will watch just about anything and then eventually fall off to sleep like a little old man watch Wheel of Fortune. The oldest is not interested in the family-friendly scene anymore, unless I coax him to join me for a movie.
    As pathetic as this may seem, my favorite movies to watch over and over and over again are Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. I am guessing that I have watched these two nearly 100 times. I never miss it on TV whether it is 3 am or 4 pm! My family has totally had enough with my movie selections. LOL
    Jessica recently posted..5 Tips to Staying OrganizedMy Profile

    1. Jean Post author

      We love the Charlie and the Chocolate Factory movies here as well. We have the newer Johnny Depp one but I wouldn’t mind finding a copy of the original. It is very hard to get agreements on movies to watch around here as well. Often, we’ll be watching different movies in different rooms.

  2. Elizabeth

    My guys loves the Ice Age series and generally anything from Pixar. He also has a penchant for a BBC documentary series on Dinosaurs. Surprised? 😉

    1. Jean Post author

      I don’t think we ever had the pleasure (doesn’t sound like it would have been…) of seeing Ivan the Incredible.

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  4. Deanna

    Around here, if it’s Disney, Pixar or that other animated company, we own it. UGH! Plus some other ones.

    I have seen the Cloudy meatball 2, and honestly I fell asleep and had no desire to finish. I thought the first one was good.

    The Croods was funny, and I really hadn’t planned on liking it LOL

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