My Plans vs. My Real Days

In case you ever read my Monday weekly planning posts and start to think I have it all together, I present:  How the last two days have gone versus my plans…

Tuesday’s plans:

Get the boys out the door and on their respective buses, enjoy the quiet, spend some time on the blog, do a little cleaning, prepare snacks for the PTA meeting, and then go to Bunco.

Tuesday’s reality:

Let J sleep in until 8:20 (bus comes at 8:30) and end up taking him to school, spend time on the blog and decide to spray mildew cleaner in the shower, get a phone call from PTA president asking if I can run the meeting since she has a sick child, take a shower in my strong smelling mildew remover scented shower, make a mad dash to pick up stuff for PTA snacks, try to get dinner ready before meeting but fail and need to walk out the door as the kids are declaring their hunger (thankfully, my husband was close enough to come home and get the kids fed shortly after I left), have just enough time between the PTA meeting and Bunco to come home and stare at the sink full of dishes, and have my husband ask if I am working on Wednesday because G is completely out of reeds for his clarinet that I will need to go get for him on Wednesday.  Come home from Bunco, still ignore the dishes opting to go to bed instead.
Orange slices from Aldi's for part of the PTA snacks

Orange slices from Aldi for part of the PTA snacks.  They have great oranges!

I did stick with the cleaning out the pantry theme for some of the PTA snacks:  Chocolate Cheerio bars

I did stick with the cleaning out the pantry theme for some of the PTA snacks: Chocolate Cheerio bars


Wednesday’s plans:

Get the boys out the door and on their respective buses, work on my blog post for the day, go pick up reeds for G’s clarinet and tackle the huge pile of laundry in the basement plus do whatever I put on the list I made on Monday

Wednesday’s reality:

Unable to stand the dishes piled high in the sink one more second, load the dishwasher first thing in the morning.  Good thing because the phone rings while I’m trying to convince J to quit watching Netflix and go brush his teeth, I have a chance to work at the preschool.  I say I can be there by 9:15.  Make sure J gets on bus and then dig black pants out of the dryer (Whew! I had a pair of nice pants that were clean), eat a scrambled egg, brush my own teeth, and run out the door.  Spend the majority of the day at the preschool and when asked if I could stay longer, politely decline because I am not sure if G took his keys this morning.  Leave preschool and start toward music store.  Realize the money I thought I had in my purse is not there. Go to bank and then, music store.  Find out that Clarinet reeds come in different sizes, thankfully, they help me guess on what I hope is the correct size.  Return home to see my husband is there.  I could have worked if I had known.  However, G’s keys are sitting on the TV stand so it was the right call to come home since my husband is usually not home at that time.

Tomorrow’s plan:

A bit more housecleaning and paying some attention to the  laundry in waiting plus whatever is on the list from Monday.

Tomorrow’s expected reality:

I have a feeling the preschool may call again so I made sure to get the kitchen cleaned after dinner.  I know I have clothes to wear.  I also will make sure G has his keys in the morning just in case.  I guess we could call this my back up plan.
*This post is your window into my world outside the blog.  To go see what is going on in the world of some other wonderful bloggers, go check out What’s Going On Wednesday over at The Distracted Housewife.
What is going on in your world this week?







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8 thoughts on “My Plans vs. My Real Days

  1. Elizabeth Sims

    sounds like an oh so joyful week thus far… won’t go into mine it’s been bad.
    hope things slow down for u this weekend

    1. Jean Post author

      Oh no, I’m sorry to hear you didn’t have a very good week. That must mean you will be all set for a wonderful weekend. I hope your Saturday is wonderful!

    1. Jean Post author

      Thank you. I am seriously thinking about adding back up plans to my weekly plans. I am not sure that would help but I do wonder about it.

  2. Deanna

    I would have to say my week went well enough considering the odd start to make my personal week shorter. Also, I have my sites set rather low at this time, mainly focusing on things that allow me to feel as though I’ve accomplished A something rather than a bunch of somethings. And I really do have to count my blessings, which I try to remember to do each and every day which include my family, my home filled with things that I both love and am ready to part with (meaning I have enough and more than enough)and my freedom that I often take for granted.

    I am also on a quest to clear out the food stores we have here. Too many things that were bought without a specific plan, and slowly I’m incorporating them into my recipe book completion 🙂 I’m working through a recipe book I bought second hand, and am having GREAT fun with it. Very few recipes are yucka, with the book being from a community Fire and EMS fundraiser 🙂

    Hoping your this week works out more to your liking 🙂

    1. Jean Post author

      Small things add up to bigger overall things so it sounds like you are making progress. Oh, I bet that is a wonderful cookbook!

    1. Jean Post author

      I’ve never been a huge fan of his writing but Steinbeck definitely got it right with that quote, huh? 🙂

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