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It’s time for another Follow Through Friday!  While I certainly have an abundant supply of to-do list items which need my attention, I’m going to keep my list simple this week.    FollowThroughFriday1 This has been a short week, is it already Friday?  Yet, it has felt like a very, long week.  Anyone else out there struggling to get back to their routine?  Maybe I should say is anyone else struggling to just get stuff done?  I feel like I am having the hardest time getting things accomplished this week.  I’m determined to get the 3 items from today’s Follow Through Friday list completed though.  Here are the little nagging tasks that I am going to complete today:
  1. Make the Information page for the Follow Through Friday link up.  This has been on the to-do list without actually happening too many weeks in a row.  Just in case any new readers ever stumble across a Follow Through Friday post, I think they might need a place find some information about what we do during Follow Through Fridays.  Maybe that would entice them to join in the fun!

  2. Bake banana bread and other items that might take milk.  I’ve been drinking almond milk and my boys and husband don’t really drink milk so I’m not sure why I bought a carton of regular milk (maybe for a recipe I didn’t make?) but I don’t want to waste it so it is time to do a little baking!  I also have quite a few bananas in the freezer just waiting for a purpose.

  3. Make a “When Mom is at Work” book for the boys.  So far, I haven’t been working that much and they have their phone numbers but I’d like them to have a bit more structure and easy to reference guidelines for those times when they are home alone after school.   This is probably something I’m doing more for my own peace of mind than for their benefit but you never know.  My plan is to include the phone numbers in another place (2 sets can’t hurt), rules about answering the phone and door, chores they could complete (ha!), snack suggestions/recipes,  and things like that.  Any other suggestions for me?

This is sort of modified fun list for me because I’ll actually enjoy doing all these things a bit with the exception of washing the dishes after the baking.   All the standard to-do list items that I’ve missed this week are also on my list.  I very much need to do that whole house 15 minutes in every room clean up as well as try to get caught up with the never-ending mountain of laundry.  What are your plans for this Follow Through Friday?

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7 thoughts on “Follow Through Friday

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  2. Elizabeth Sims

    survive the next 1.5 hrs at work …. do whatever i can seem to get done. probably go out in the yard and start cleaning debree from the storms last night

    hope u have a great weekend

    1. Jean Post author

      I hope the storms in your area didn’t do too much damage. Were you in the area under the tornado warnings? Hope the super nice weather we had yesterday and supposed to still have today finds the way to your area soon.

    1. Jean Post author

      I really need to tackle all the closets in our house in a bad way. I seem to get a case of the don’t wannas every single week (oh, how am I kidding? Make that every single day). Thanks for linking up with me again this week!

  3. Deanna

    Oh yeah, last week just FLEW right on by. It helped the flying by part that the girls had off school both Monday and Tuesday, and Chad had off on Monday as well.

    I am MASTER at putting things off, including this school year showering/changing out of pj’s until about 2 p.m. LOL

    Some days I get more stuff done than others, but definitely our stuff has taken over the house again. I am on a puzzle quest this week – meaning I’m ready to work on some of the puzzles I’ve amassed (Yes, amassed!), and have been doing so. This past weeks’ quest is a five puzzle box with puzzles that just don’t really do ‘it’ for me, but I spent money on them, and so there you go.

    I’m also keeping us in food (and recipes) which keeps us in food at home versus food and restaurants, though I did purchase some coupons that benefited the Humane Society, which took us out to dinner on Valentine’s Day, and the girls and I out to lunch on Tuesday.

    I need to get on track with creating to-do lists the night before so I wake up feeling like I have some direction early in the day versus scrambling at 2 p.m. to make it look like I’ve accomplished something LOL Actually, it’s not that funny 😉

    I should be reading your blog more often to get myself motivated from a far flung friend.


    1. Jean Post author

      Don’t worry I’ve had my share of not getting ready for the day until afternoon times over here. Good for you in working through those puzzles. Are you letting them once you’ve solved them? I find that a weekly to-do list with the days outlined helps me a bit more than making a new list each night/day but whatever works for you is what you should do 🙂 Yes, come visit the blog of your far flung friend more often! I miss hearing from you!

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