Saturday Success Stories, Staying on Course

While I don’t have an entire success story to share today, I did manage to complete 2 out 3 tasks on my Follow Through Friday list!  SaturdaySuccesspic1

Completing two out of three tasks is almost a record for me considering my lack of success lately.  I did get started on my 3rd task as well but simply ran out of time because the preschool called and asked me to spend my afternoon with my friends over there.    Do you have a success story to share?  Here are the details of how my yesterday unfolded.

I ended up letting J sleep in a bit since he’s still on antibiotics for the ear infection.  I figured he needed the sleep and my schedule yesterday morning allowed for me to take him to school.  After dropping him off at school, I went straight to the gas station since pushing the car home didn’t seem like a fun option, beautiful day or not.  The tank was just a little too close to empty.  I’ve lost my Hy-Vee gas card yet again so I had been putting off filling the tank until I could find it.  It is definitely on today’s list to make a serious search for it.

I followed the gas station up with a trip to the Dollar Tree where I picked up some odds and ends and had to have the adult in my head take over with a stern voice so my day could stay on course.  I returned home and opened the windows (we are getting another lovely respite from the cold, snowy weather for a couple of days) and began to work on my list of items.

  1. Making banana bread was not the first item on my list yesterday but I planned to work on the other items as I baked it.  I realized once I started that I forgot to pick up vinegar or lemon juice during my Dollar Tree trip.  I tried improvising by using freshly squeezed orange juice instead.  Orange juice is apparently not as acidic as lemon juice.  My buttermilk didn’t really form.  However, I still used the milk in the recipe and it turned out okay.  My recipe only takes 4 tablespoons of buttermilk so I was willing to chance it.  As soon as I shut the oven door on my banana bread, the phone rang with the preschool calling to see if I could work all afternoon.  I explained my baking banana bread dilemma but they said it would still work out for me to come in after my bread finished baking.  So I spent the time the bread was baking, getting ready to go to work instead of working on my other items.

    I sliced a a few pieces of banana bread before running off to work.

    I sliced a few pieces of banana bread before running off to work.

  2. Did you see the new page on the blog?  Take a minute and go check out the Follow Through Friday/Saturday Success Stories tab.  Working all day or not, I decided I was not going to let that task slide for another week so I burned the 10:30p.m. oil (I don’t understand the midnight oil people.  I am too wiped out by that time to function) and completed it.  What do you think?  Did I miss anything?

  3. This is the task I let slide.  However, I cam home from work realizing how much the boys need a “Home Alone Handbook” since they didn’t bother to read my note.  The note was not super important but it did let them know there was banana bread under the foil as well as instruct them to each spend 10 minutes folding clothes from the mountain of clean laundry I had left on our bed.

    My unread note.  One didn't see it and the other thought it was just stuff I wrote down.

    My unread note. One didn’t see it and the other thought it was just a list of stuff.

    I did pick up the outside cover of my handbook on my early morning shopping trip so I guess that counts for a little progress on this task.

    The outside of the Home Alone Handbook.

    The outside of the Home Alone Handbook.

    I just love the potential of an empty binder.

    I just love the potential of an empty binder.

Did your Friday go as planned or did it veer off course making a success a little more difficult to find?  I’d love to hear your story!  Leave me a comment or link up below and share it with us.

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7 thoughts on “Saturday Success Stories, Staying on Course

  1. Deanna

    I veer off course routinely 😉 That’s about ALL that I do routinely. I am also a procrastinator in the disguise of a baker 😉 Yummy banana bread. Certainly you are very ingenious thinking to use orange juice instead of lemon juice or vinegar. I wonder what else could be used to make buttermilk? Also, I’ve never made a banana bread recipe that called for buttermilk. I did however make zucchini bread this Saturday, and it was DIVINE! 🙂

    I am also with you on the empty binder possibilities. That’s why I collect them 😉 LOL Somehow I think you’re not surprised that I do that LOL

    I am very behind with you and yours, and hadn’t know until today you were working at a preschool. WTG! Yay. It sounds like, from the tidbits I’ve read, that you’re really enjoying it. Can’t wait to read more on that and all other fronts.


    1. Jean Post author

      I would think any “acid” based liquid could make buttermilk as long as it was strong enough…orange juice wasn’t quite strong enough really. I haven’t been working at the preschool very long but I do absolutely love it!

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    1. Jean Post author

      Yes. Now, I just have to make sure that binder realizes its potential before it becomes clutter.

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