Preparing for the Week Ahead

I know it is Monday but I really didn’t expect it to be one of THOSE mornings. One person in our household (It wasn’t me and I’m not naming names) woke up in a grumpy mood and it just had a domino effect on the rest of us. I didn’t go to the store yesterday (Frugal menu planning or not we still needed lunch box items) which left me unprepared to make lunches.  I had to have yet another talk with G about preparing for his day before he goes to bed at night–in other words, 7:15a.m. is not the time to be looking for your clean P.E. clothing or telling your mom that you need it.  Nor is it the time to be putting papers back in your binder.  I’d say I have no idea where he gets it except that all I would need to do is go stand in front of the mirror for the answer.


Sometimes I feel a little guilty sitting here to work on these Monday morning planning posts (still in my pajamas) especially when I’m working on them as the morning is fading into early afternoon such is the case today.   I feel like I should be getting things done instead of sitting here planning my days.  Of course, I have changed the laundry over twice while working on the blog so I suppose that counts for something.   I know that planning my weeks and linking up with Starting Successful on Monday hosted by Felicia’s Red Door Life really does help so it is silly that I feel that guilt at all.  I know my work schedule going into this week so I’m hoping that it will help me be a bit more focused and productive than I’ve been the past 2 weeks.

Time to start preparing for the week ahead.

Scripture of the Week:

Let your conduct be without covetousness; be content with such things as you have.

(Hebrews 13:5)

I am sticking with this one for another week.

Focus of the Week:

Preparing for things ahead of time!  I really need to focus on this as well as help the boys focus on this.

The Weather this Week:

We had beautiful weather over the weekend.  The kind of February weather where the sun shines and if you have a long-sleeved shirt or sweatshirt you can fore-go a coat. However, that changed during the course of the day yesterday.  Coats made a comeback today.  It’s not supposed to be miserable cold this week (although it is supposed to be colder than our average) or snow this week.  Just basically, it is supposed to be yet another week of winter.  My only hope is that March will arrive like a Lion.  I do not want to be dealing with multiple cold, dreary days at the end of March.  Or snow.  Who wants to chant it with me?  No more snow.  No more snow.


Enjoying the peace of an empty house but expecting my husband to walk through the door for lunch very soon.  Waiting for the washer cycle to finish so that I can go take my shower after I complete this post.  Still drinking coffee with whipped cream because we are out of milk.

To Do List:

This will be another week without too many tasks because I’m going to be working quite a bit starting tomorrow!  I should be moving a lot faster to get things done today but it simply isn’t happening.  I feel like my to-do list today is one of those scrolls that could just keep unrolling and unrolling and unrolling…

MONDAY:   Publish Menu Plan Monday post (done) and Weekly planning post (in progress) on the blog, complete all the laundry and finish watching House DVD from Netflix (these two items obviously go together!), go to grocery store, spend 15 minutes minimum cleaning in each room, and sort out Mr. Potato Head bin that we’re donating to the preschool.  Work on daily task from spring cleaning challenge.  Write and schedule a few blog posts.

TUESDAY:  Publish Movie Mania (part 2) blog post, work on daily task from spring cleaning challenge, clean out fridge, empty all trash, and clean out litter box.  Work on daily task from spring cleaning challenge.  Attend G’s band concert.

WEDNESDAY:  Publish something (Don’t you want to read “something”? How does that fit into my preparing for things ahead of time focus?) to link up over at What’s Going on Wednesday,  clean off kitchen table, pay a few bills, and go through table kitchen file that has been sitting on top the heater beside the desk back here for over a month now.  Work on daily task from spring cleaning challenge.

THURSDAY:  Publish Movie Mania (part 3) blog post, work on daily task from spring cleaning challenge, mail out some belated birthday cards, and check that I have all the spots covered for next week’s elementary school book fair (I’m in charge of the spreadsheet and coordinating the volunteers for it).  Work on daily task from spring cleaning challenge.

FRIDAY:  Publish Follow Through Friday post by 6a.m. (Did you see I finally made an information page about it?), complete the 3 tasks on my Follow Through Friday list, and start researching spring break getaway ideas for the boys’ upcoming spring break weekend which may be shortened due to all the snow days.  SIGH.  Work on daily task from spring cleaning challenge.

What I Read Last Week:

I read TWO books last week!  Before you get super excited for me, I’ll confess that one was fairly short.  I read Dr. Montessori’s Own Handbook on the Kindle app on my tablet.  I have no idea why Amazon is showing it with a price as I downloaded it for free.  I wanted to read a different more complete work but was having trouble downloading it so read this instead.  I found it fairly insightful but need to read the more complete work on her methods.
This is the other book I read:

Composed by Rosanne Cash

Composed by Rosanne Cash

This book was actually a Dollar Tree find.  Sometimes you can find really interesting books in there.  I enjoy reading autobiographies a great deal.  My main complaint with her presentation was that it tended to be a bit jumpy in its storytelling.  I expect autobiographies to more or less follow a linear path but she didn’t do that.  One minute she’d be telling a story from when she was 9 and all of a sudden, she’d be telling a story from when she was 22.  I also found the technical description of some of the work put into producing records a bit boring.  I’m sure it wouldn’t be boring to anyone out there with musical aspirations though.  I also thought she did a very nice job of sharing her family as being very real and not the entertainers on the stage.  I could feel the frustration she felt at sometimes having to share her father with the world.

From the Camera: 

The weather was perfect (for February) on Saturday so we spent some time outside enjoying it.

The weather was almost perfect (for February) on Saturday so we spent some time outside enjoying it.

Walking the path at a local park.

I heard this bird long before I found him in the tree.

I heard this woodpecker talking to us long before I found him at work in the tree.

J said this tree reminded him of the Harry Potter tree a little bit.

J said this tree reminded him of the Harry Potter tree a little bit.

Shopping List:

Almond milk, chili lime sauce if I can find it, general lunchbox items, dress socks for G, paper towels

On the Blog:

If I manage to get my posts written and published this week, I’m going to call it good.


How are you preparing for your week?


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4 thoughts on “Preparing for the Week Ahead

  1. Elizabeth

    Sounds like you’ve had a very busy time but glad you at least had a few good days to get outside and enjoy! Let’s hope more get here soon.
    And don’t worry most of us don’t finish our ‘To Do’ lists so you’re never alone 🙂
    Elizabeth recently posted..Busy Monday, February 24My Profile

    1. Jean Post author

      Winter seems to have returned today. It is cold out there! However, I keep saying that this is good because if March comes in like a lion, then it will go out like a lamb. And since the groundhog was right, that old axiom has to hold true as well, I think.

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  3. Deanna

    My kids have the same procrastination, and they come by it honest. Both my husband and I are VERY poor role models. Jenna at least makes her bed every morning, and she does get her work done for school, and gets amazing grades. Josie does her work for school, not always uncomplainingly, but she does get amazing grades. Jenna will also pre-plan some things the night before, like for ST. Pat’s Day yesterday, she and her friends were dressing in all black, so she had her outfit picked out the night prior, and when she had her swimming unit, she did pack it up the night before. So Jenna has better tendencies than the rest of us.

    There, because I was reading your blog I remembered I had my own laundry in the dryer, and a load in the washer from yesterday – sheets from Friday night sleepover, and blanket from the same.

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