Saturday Success Stories

I’m a little late posting this today.  I did a bit of running this morning and then a bit too much playing after that.  Then, I looked up and it was time to go to G’s band concert competition.   Better late than never, right?  Isn’t that the motto of Procrastinators United?  I’ll check on that later.
Right now it’s time to talk about Saturday Success Stories!  Did you have a successful day yesterday?  I didn’t accomplish everything on my list (nothing new there) but I did get a few things done.  I’m also giving myself a break on this one because I woke up with a sore neck yesterday.  It was the kind of neck pain where it hurts to turn your head a certain direction.  I managed to make it through my day at the preschool by taking some Advil (the children’s kind…it may be time to restock our medicine cabinet!) and using some type of off brand Icy-hot stuff.   I think this may have been the culprit:
I am not yet a Ram Sam Master.  However, I do have A Ram Sam Sam stuck in my head so that must count for something, right?  Of course, I may have just slept wrong on Thursday night.  My sore neck did put a kink (ha! get it?) in my desire to complete my Follow Through Friday tasks.  Here’s how I did with them:
  1. I did clean the upstairs litter box.  I think it was in more dire need of attention than the one in the basement.  Our house smells more like these and less like cat poo now:

    I thought the occasion called for fresh flowers.

    I thought the occasion called for fresh flowers.

  2. Having a sore neck gave me a great excuse to do nothing but finishing watching that House DVD.  I skipped the folding laundry part opting to relax with one of those heated rice things (What are those things called?) around my neck.  I just need to remember to get the envelope set out for the mailman today.

  3. Sorting through the kitchen table file did not happen.  I did look at the bag sitting on top of it this morning and figured out that it was all meant for the recycle bin so sent it there.

While I didn’t have a hugely successful Follow Through Friday, I did wake up with my neck feeling much better.  Since I could turn my head without pain, I went to the grocery store first thing this morning to prepare for our impending snowstorm.  They had plenty of bananas so I’m a bit skeptical about it at this point.  I actually went to the store twice because I forgot the milk on my first trip, bought some flowers and cleaned off the kitchen table, did 2 loads of laundry, beat 2 Candy Crush levels, managed to feed both boys lunch and get us all to the band concert on time (actually, I should probably credit my husband with that “on time” thing).  So for a Saturday, the day has been mildly productive.  I even plan to go ahead and sort through that kitchen table file later today.
How did you do on your list yesterday?

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5 thoughts on “Saturday Success Stories

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    1. Jean Post author

      Thanks. I did have a bit of extra motivation to change the cat box since my older son had a friend over. I still have a few standards even for company that has earned their “we’re not cleaning for you” badge.

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  3. Deanna

    FWIW, I’m using a new litter now, and I cannot *honestly* and you know my sniffer is primo, smell ANYTHING. It’s Cat’s Pride Fresh and Light. This is WONDERFUL especially considering that the litter box is currently in our entryway which is less than 10 adult steps from the kitchen eating area. Good news though, the cat IS using the litter box, AND no smell. BIG difference from the crap from Menards that stunk even when there wasn’t anything in it, and it did NOTHING to mask the smell of anything. BLECH!

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