Movies For the Preteen/Teen Crowd, Movie Mania (Part 2)

Yesterday was yet another snow (cold?) day and would you believe we didn’t watch any movies?   That is a sure sign we’ve been watching too many movies lately. We’re actually tired of it.  We still love them though and I’m sure by the end of the week we’ll be back to watching a few movies.  If you missed my first post about Reviews of Movies for the Minors, you can check it out here.
If you are here to check out what I thought of all those movies that won and lost Academy Awards this past Sunday evening, I’m sorry.  I saw exactly two of them, both animated choices that did not win.  I guess I was not meant to hobnob with the Academy crowd because I also have zero desire to see most of the movies that were nominated.
My husband said he wouldn’t mind going to see Captain Phillips (by going to see, he meant rent it from Redbox) and I know him well enough to know he’d see any movie that starred Sandra Bullock (although personally, I think Gravity looks B-o-r-i-n-g..yawn.).  If I were forced to watch one of the nominated movies, I’d hope for the one where they wear all the groovy ’70s clothing with Bradley Cooper.  So I can’t give reviews of those movies but older movies….Redbox and Netflix choices?  I can help with that!

Movies you can watch with the Preteen/Teen Crowd:

Thor: The Dark World:  G and I actually saw this together at the movie theater.  I really enjoyed this movie.  I struggle sometimes with the plot lines of the Thor movies but then I forgive them because they contain Thor.  It didn’t hurt that Christopher Eccleston played the villain either.  That may or may not be why I conceded to go see this one at the theater.  Overall, I don’t think this was as good as the first one but it wasn’t one of those movies where I felt as though I wasted my money or would never get those precious minutes of my life back again (The movie, After Earth, would be fine example of one of those types of movies.  Will Smith seldom disappoints me but oh, that one was awful!).

movie pictures

Two of J’s latest movie choices

Iron Man 3:   G said he thought this was the best of all the Iron Man movies.  Are you surprised to hear we own all 3 movies?  Personally, I’m still partial to the first one. although all 3 movies are definitely worth watching.  This one definitely seemed a bit darker to me and I don’t know that I would be too keen on a younger child watching it but that is just me.  J did watch bits and pieces of it with us but the super hero movies are really more G’s thing from the time he was small.  J never found the same fascination with them.

Red and Red 2:  If you are a fan of Bruce Willis, you will love these movies!  I have no idea how I missed seeing them earlier.  G loves these movies.  My husband loves these movies.  I also thought they were incredibly entertaining and in an odd twist, I find the second movie to be much better than the first one.  The first movie is a little heavy on background story but once it gets going, it is non-stop action.  J did not watch these with us.

movie on DVD player

 Not the best storage location for more movies

In case you didn’t notice, there is a theme with most the movies G watches being of a super hero/comic book genre.  I enjoy that genre about as much as he does.  If I could only figure out how to get him interested in the X-Men movies (the one super hero set that he has absolutely no interest in and of course, my favorite).
Other movies, G has enjoyed lately but that I didn’t watch with him are both the original and re-make of Red Dawn.  He also stated that the “best picture” award from all his latest viewing nominations would go to The Hunger Games: Catching Fire.  He said it did a good job of following the book ending right at the same point as the book ends.
Let me ask you the same question, what movie of all the movies you’ve viewed recently, would you bestow a best picture award?

Coming Soon: More Movie Mania, Choices to Watch Without the Kids

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3 thoughts on “Movies For the Preteen/Teen Crowd, Movie Mania (Part 2)

  1. Elizabeth

    Love these! I was a big reader of Norse myths when I was a kid, so I love the Thor movies interpretation of those stories. And I love Tom Hiddleston – he made my son cry in empathy which, for a child with Autism who struggles with reading emotions and empathizing with people, was an unforgettable gift. Mr. H has my admiration!

    1. Jean Post author

      Loki definitely is the best of all the “bad” guys and wow, that it is great that he could reach your son like that. I expect to see another Thor movie out fairly soon based on the ending of this one.

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