Five Minute Friday: Willing

Trying something new today and participating in 5 minute Friday.  The prompt word is “willing.”  The idea is to set a timer and simply write for 5 minutes without worrying about perfection.  Just write the words without worry about grammar,font, or punctuation.

I’m willing to do anything for my family.


I’m willing to help cook for them and clean for them.  I’m willing to help with homework that I seldom understand. Um, I didn’t understand geometry on the first try.  That knowledge doesn’t magically appear during the course of 10 (okay, 20…or more) years.

I’m willing to be the “bad guy” that says turn off the screens, eat dinner NOW, go to bed NOW, I’m sorry you have choice in this matter.  I am willing to be the parent.

I’m not as willing to be the friend.  My kids have plenty of friends.

They need me to be willing to be brave enough to not care if they like me or not because I love them.


What are you willing and not willing to do for your family?
I’ve decided to go ahead and brave clicking on the publish button over there.  This was a fun exercise.  I think I’ll be “willing” to try it again next Friday although I may or may not hit the publish button again.   This is part of the Five Minute Friday link-up hosted by Lisa-Jo Baker each week.  I’ve been reading the Five Minute Friday posts by Susan over at This Happy Mom ever since I’ve had this blog.  I always thought it sounded like so much fun but was a bit hesitant to jump into it.  She always encouraged me to give it a try whenever I mentioned how fun it seemed.  I’m glad I finally listened.
If you enjoy writing, whether you are a blogger or not, I would encourage you to give it a try.  Five minutes are not very long!
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