Stress-Free Week Attempt, Starting Successful on Monday

Striving for a stress-free week is probably a lofty goal.  I’m going to try it anyway.

I know that when things get busy, they also tend to get stressful.  Stress and busy might appear together often but they don’t mix well.  It is possible to have a relatively stress-free week.  I know that I tend to cope better with the unplanned things that come up during a busy week when I feel more stress-free than stressed out about my life.  One way to set things up for a stress-free week is to plan.


I know I’ve mentioned before how grateful I am that Felicia over at Felicia’s Red Door Life hosts the Starting Successful on Monday link-up but it is worth repeating.  It is such a huge help in inspiring me to actually plan out my weeks.  Whether you have a super busy week or an easy week ahead, I think you will be very surprised at what a difference just having a weekly plan in place can make.  You can use my plan layout as a guide or do your own thing, just find a way of weekly planning that works for you and don’t forget to go link-up and offer some encouragement to others if you are a blogger!

Here is my plan of action for striving for that stress-free week:

Scripture of the Week:

Be Still and Know that I am God.

(Psalm 46:10)

Keeping this one for a second week.

Focus of the Week:

Keeping calm and stress-free.  Hopefully, I won’t let myself get too stressed out about not getting stressed!

The Weather this Week:

We are supposed to get snow today and then, there is a chance of thunderstorms on Thursday.  Can you guess which one I’m more excited to see in the forecast?


I’m trying very hard to finish this post so that I can clean up the kitchen, go to the local bread store to get hamburger buns, and still be ready when my friend arrives.  We are going to Trader Joe’s today!  I’m super excited since it has been a while since I’ve been there.  It’s also been a while since I’ve had a chance to hangout with my friend so I’m also excited about that.

To Do List:

Another crazy, busy week is on the horizon so once again, the list is be necessity short and sweet to keep things stress-free.

MONDAY:  publish menu plan post (DONE), weekly planning post (IN PROGRESS), go grocery store (x 2), clean out fridge, clean cat boxes, and finish up the laundry.

TUESDAY: publish menu planning failure post (needs to be scheduled today), work, get G to his activity, and confirm spring break plans

WEDNESDAY: publish what’s going on Wednesday post about what is in my preschool bag, get J to baseball practice, and do a homework check with both boys

THURSDAY:  publish blog post (I have an idea but no title yet…), spend 15 minutes cleaning each room in the house, get J to baseball practice

FRIDAY:  publish Follow Through Friday post and complete the 3 tasks listed in the post, make plans if needed to keep the boys from spending their entire Spring Break in front of screens

What I Read Last Week but didn’t quite finish.  I’ll have it finished by tonight:  


Getting Things Done: The Art of Stress-Free Productivity by David Allen

I’m well into the “how-to” part of this book and picking up lots of ideas that I can’t wait to implement.  So far his 2 minute rule has been the favorite thing I’ve read.  If it takes 2 minutes or less to do it, just do it now.  Sounds a bit familiar and yet I love that there is a time limit (flexible, of course) there.  That’s always been one reason I struggled with the whole “do it now” principle.  I think this book is going to be quite helpful.

From the Camera:

Not much here since last week was so busy but after my Daylight Savings Time Do-Over post, I did become a bit obsessed with the catching the sunrise again.  Here’s the 2 best photos from last week:

Sunrise from last Wednesday.

Sunrise from last Wednesday.

Same day, a bit earlier

Same day, a bit earlier

Shopping List:

Salsa!, Body Wash, Almond Milk, Kind Bars, Lemons, and Tomatoes.  (Not a complete list).

On the Blog:

Schedule posts for days I’m working.  I’d also like to update my About Me page.


What is on your agenda for the upcoming week?



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8 thoughts on “Stress-Free Week Attempt, Starting Successful on Monday

    1. Jean Post author

      I’m glad I was able to inspire you! I really have found it makes quite the difference in my week and hope it will help you as well. I’m still working on that not getting stressed part but doing fairly well with it 🙂

    1. Jean Post author

      Aw, thank you. I feel like I have pretty limited talent in that area so your kind words mean a lot.

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  2. Deanna

    Ahhhhh, a trip to TJ’s. I LOVE that store, and am actually contemplating a trip there today. I’m totally craving some items there, and need to look at some other items. My girls LOVE that store, but it takes so long to get through the store with them there, plus they don’t let me really look at things for too long.

    I don’t know how your store is situated, but here we have to pay for parking right around the store. If I park a block away I don’t have to, but then my purchases are limited to what I can carry. Frustrating sometimes.

    What’d you end up buying there?

    So your week was busy last week, but was it not stressful?

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