Spring Break begins on Follow Through Friday?


The beginning of my boys’ Spring Break from school should make for a rather unproductive interesting Follow Through Friday around here.  Thanks to all our lovely snow and the time they’ve already had off of school because of it, their Spring Break is really just a Spring Break weekend.  I will be keeping my items somewhat easy so we can hopefully, focus on having a little fun rather than the fighting…

Spring Break

Maybe that is just happens during our Spring Break.  Just because Spring Break starts tomorrow (or started this afternoon depending on your perspective) doesn’t mean I’m ready for it.  I certainly still have an overflowing tap of procrastinated projects.  Here are my 3 easy (I hope!) tasks for the day:
  1.  Go to the Dollar Tree.  It sounds silly but I’ve actually been putting off going to the Dollar Tree all week.  I ran out of my Oil of Life Body Wash and have been using my husband’s scent-free hunting soap all week (Please, don’t tell him.  It was that or the tween boy’s Axe stuff).   I’m hoping to maybe find some cheap outdoor entertainment as well.  I really should have done this one today and was just not in the mood to go there although I drove by the store no less than three times.

  2. Settle on some definite Spring Break plans.   J was already concerned about not having anything to talk about during their “weekend update” when he returns to school next week so we apparently have to do something special.  I have a few ideas and had discussed them with my husband but we need to make our “maybe we could” a bit more concrete.   Elizabeth from Autism Mom wrote a post yesterday about getting her son ready for travel (They are going whale watching!) and I could really relate to her trying to balance her husband’s love of spontaneity with her son’s need for very specific details regarding their travel plans.

  3. Clean out the fridge.

    I know it has been worse but it still needs to be done.

    I know it has been worse but it still needs to be done.

    I did finally (today) take out our pizza boxes from last Saturday but I know there is quite a bit of food in there that needs to be saved from the trash barrel.  There is also probably plenty that needs to be placed in the trash bin as well.  A bonus item here would be to start inventory on what I already have on hand to begin preparations for our annual Easter Brunch.  Maybe I’ll manage that part 2 of that post this year.  No promises though.  If you are looking for Easter Brunch ideas, you might want to follow my Easter Brunch Ideas board on Pinterest.

So nothing very exciting or too difficult on my list this time.  My great hope for tomorrow is actually that everyone (minus my poor husband who has to work) is still doing this until later in the morning:
Isn't Spring Break meant for sleeping late?

Isn’t Spring Break meant for sleeping late?

What are you planning to do on Follow Through Friday?


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11 thoughts on “Spring Break begins on Follow Through Friday?

  1. Elizabeth

    Ah we have a few more weeks until Spring Break but thankfully the kids *knock on wood* don’t have to write anything about it otherwise their assignment would say, “We stayed home and played on computers all week while our mom and dad were at work.” Be a pretty short to turn in for an assignment.
    Friday plans? Get through work (waiting for the call have to go out into the plant and take measurements today oh joy of joys) and then pick up the kids & youngest may have a friend sleep over. Pretty straight forward.
    You all enjoy your Spring Break and do something fun! I’ll live vicariously through you 🙂

    1. Jean Post author

      Oh, he doesn’t have to write anything that would push me over the edge, I think. This is just something they do each week on Monday to practice their public speaking skills as they tell about their weekends. I remember that my oldest would always write in his journals in the early grades that he watched television and played video games no matter what else we did over the weekend. Sounds like you have a nice weekend ahead!

  2. Elizabeth

    So hard to believe that your kids are getting almost no spring break because of the snow – I did read that right, yes? Wow. I hope you guys do something fun and that the kids get some kind of mental break before going back to school.

    P.S. your fridge looks like there are a lot of hidden treasure meals in there… 😉
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    1. Jean Post author

      The parents were surveyed on this and I think most of us preferred to make up the days now as opposed to the end of the year. Really though their spring break was already short this year.

  3. Deanna

    That’s a bummer that your Spring break got shortened, but glad that the school year wasn’t made longer. I’d rather have that too. If you ask me, Spring Break and Winter Break carry too much pressure for me. I want the girls to have a wonderful time and all that, but we just don’t have the funds to plan extravagant vacations, plus we have the cat, you know. She can stay overnight alone, and maybe, though we haven’t tried it, two nights, but still.

    So are your two cats boys or one each or girls? Do they always snuggle together like that?

    Our break happened this past week. We didn’t do a whole lot, but the girls were happy. Monday Chad had to go out of town, and he was gone Tuesday as well. Jenna had a sleepover on Wednesday (other girl’s house), and then that Thursday we took a little jaunt to Vinnie’s (a one we don’t go to often) and then to a fun bakery for lunch and treats, and then Friday we skittered to Ikea and The Container Store and Sweet Tomatoes. Sunday was church, and Monday was back in the groove with school and dance.

    We got no house projects completed, no major decluttering, or nothing, just hung. The girls and I read four old American Girl magazines, and Josie did two little kid activity books, and we did some coloring (which did declutter two coloring/activity books). I don’t know if your boys are similar to my girls (and me) but if it’s been in our house, we need to use it at least once, or finish it or whatever, then it can go LOL

    Wow, your fridge looks like it needs ME to come and rescue it.

    Some save food tips, if you don’t know them already (and which I just taught myself in the past couple of months) – veggies looking like they’re on their way to the compost/trash can be cut up and blanched (boiling water for 1 minute) then cooled and frozen. Even worked SUPERBLY for my potatoes that were on their way out. I made my own frozen hashbrowns basically, and they worked perfectly for my dish I ended up making with them. Milk can be frozen in like 1 cup increments with room for expansion in the container to use in recipes. Yogurt can be frozen in small size increments to use in smoothies or baking. I even have in the past beaten two eggs, froze them, then thawed and used for baking. Tomato paste I freeze in 1 tablespoon increments (so I scoop it out on waxed paper, do a quick freeze in 1 tbsp pieces, then put in baggie in freezer.)

    You can always email me with specifics, and I can probably help you.

    Oh yes, lettuce salad, so just the lettuce, you tear up, rinse super well, dry super well, then place in bowl, put paper towel on top, then lid, and flip, and store. Then each time you take some already torn lettuce out you replace the paper towel, and remember to flip, and store. It keeps for super long time.

    I also bought those blue apples from Bed Bath and Beyond. Hard to know if they really are working or not LOL

    1. Jean Post author

      Cats are pretty self-sufficient (our older cat was anyway) but if we’re going to be gone more than 2 nights, we have someone check in on them. Chase, Siamese cat, is a boy and Chelsey, our Russian blue, is his little sister. They do keep close tabs on each other and in the afternoon that is usually how they sleep. At night, I think Chase sleeps in our recliner while Chelsey goes to J’s bed. Thanks for all the fridge tips 🙂

  4. Jessica

    I am so curious to know what happened to the fridge. I am sooo anal retentive about my refrigerator. Every time we go shopping I move stuff around. We do bulk shopping for years now, so I’ve become pretty good at managing space for those unnecessary-necessary large items. Like mayo, grated cheese, sour cream, and wine. Wait! That last one is a necessary-necessary large item!!
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    1. Jean Post author

      That’s what is wrong with my fridge…no wine in it 😉 I am still slowly working on the fridge. I did take a rather large amount of jelly (homemade from my husband’s grandparents) out of it and move that to our extra fridge downstairs.

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