Easter Brunch for a Bunch Debriefing, Part 1

This year our Easter Brunch really was for a bunch.  Almost all of our family was able to attend with a few exceptions.  Since my family is rather large, that meant our grand total for Easter Brunch (including us and the kids) topped out at just under 30 people.  Whew!  Thankfully, it all did come together although I admit to running a bit late in getting all the finishing touches set up prior to our 1oa.m. start time.    Here are a few photos of the table set up:

Easter Brunch

The main brunch table

Easter Brunch

Starting point for plates, forks, and napkins  

Easter Brunch

Quiche and hash-brown potato bakes (far left)

I forgot to take the additional photos but we also set up an area for drinks on the other counter.  Drinks offered were coffee, orange juice, lemonade, and apple juice-boxes for the kids. Water was also available, of course.  Then, on the stove side, we had a brisket plus bread and a very small pan of sliced ham.

Most of the muffins were prepared on Saturday. Dishes prepared earlier in the week were the banana bread muffins (I used my banana bread recipe and made muffins instead), the caramelized bacon, and the quiches.  I made two trips to the store on Saturday.  The first trip to get ingredients needed for the muffins that I didn’t already have on hand.  I told G to pick out something new for us to add from my Easter Brunch Ideas Pinterest board and since he is my visual child he choose these Strawberry Shortcake Doughnut Muffins.  

Easter Brunch

Strawberry Shortcake Doughnut Muffins

I almost didn’t make them because of all the steps involved.  They were definitely worth the effort!  I tried taking a shortcut at first and thought I would just use whipped cream until I realized (er, my husband pointed out) that it would melt.   The muffin base is stand alone good and I set a few muffins out that way but the frosting and strawberries put them over the top I thought.

On the not the best idea ever front, I also tried a new recipe at 1op.m. on Saturday night that just didn’t do it for me although I did go ahead and put it on the table.  Trying to make Raspberry, Brie, and Chocolate Puff Pastries that late when I had no experience using puff pastry was not the best call.  After discovering my Trader Joe’s puff pastry sheets took 5 hours to thaw at room temperature or overnight in the fridge, I stubbornly bought some more on my 2nd grocery store run of the day.  I didn’t roll it out enough because it already seemed thin enough.  The thing is that puff pastry actually does “puff”  Oops.

I’m breaking this post into two parts because it is late and I’m tired.  On Wednesday, I’ll share the complete menu, my time-table for preparing the dishes and getting them set up by 10a.m., and how I clean up the mess.  Let me know what else I should share about how we do all this and I”ll address it.  Want to know a secret?  These posts are just as much for me as for the rest of you.  I refer back to them each year especially the photos to see how I set up table.

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