Mom’s Choice Menu Plan

Wait, it’s a Mom’s Choice menu and it’s not even Mother’s Day yet.  Are you wondering what that might be all about?   I may or may not have had a slight menu planning, no idea what to make meltdown on Saturday afternoon.  Ever have one of those?  Please tell me I’m not alone.  Saturday at 5:15p.m., realize it is dinner time.  Start asking what everyone wants for dinner.  “I don’t know” and “I’m not hungry” and of course, I know that in 15 minutes, they will be famished.  It just works that way.

Toss out a (very) few suggestions based on what we have in the house (not much).  Get very complacent answers along with a few “that doesn’t really sound good” replies.  I may or may not have been slightly grouchy (probably due to hunger) when I announced seconds later that since nobody was hungry, I’d just go to the store and if they became hungry while I was there, Dad was in charge.   I also asked for dinner requests for the coming week which was melt with another round of silence so I announced it would be Mom’s Choice all week.

I came back from the store to find that when you put dad in charge of dinner, the kids get Taco Bell.  SIGH.  I can’t really point fingers as I was in charge of lunch and the kids had Burger King.  Oops.  We really do need to do better around here.

Between us being super busy and eating too much Easter candy and brunch leftovers, we are struggling to get back to eating good food.  We’re also all sick of the hearty spaghetti, taco, pork chop, and chicken rotation.  Or maybe I am just sick of making the same stuff.

It’s Mom’s Choice this week so I get to liven up our menu a bit!   Last night, we had mozzarella sticks and salads for dinner (well, my husband had a ham sandwich with his salad) which was a hit and a new simple dinner to add into our rotation.

MONDAY:  Roast is in the slow cooker for BBQ sandwiches (we didn’t end up having BBQ sandwiches last week)

TUESDAY:  Chicken Pasta Cesar Salad

WEDNESDAY:  ham steaks and baked sweet potatoes plus salad

THURSDAY:  turkey roll ups with spinach chips

FRIDAY:  Copycat Chik-Fil-A sandwiches (these were a request from earlier last week that I forgot about until I was looking at my Pinterest Something Different for Dinner board to get new ideas)

I’m fairly certain after a week of Mom’s choice menu items, my family will have some (hopefully, nice) suggestions for me.  I’m also hoping we’ll find some new simple dinners to add into our rotation.  How do you liven things up when your family is bored with the usual menu choices?

I’m linking up this menu plan over at I’m An Organizing Junkie where you can find lots of inspiration for meal planning and see what everyone else is eating each week.

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14 thoughts on “Mom’s Choice Menu Plan

  1. Kim {Pinspired Home}

    Aww! I can relate to just not feeling like doing dinner. 🙂
    We do a salad night once a week and it’s a big hit (with the adults, anyway – our Kiddo will usually eat some of the toppings). The nice thing about salad night is that it doesn’t have to be the same kind of salad every week.
    Andrea Dekker has some great ideas for avoiding Meal-Planning burnout here that I really love.
    Good luck!
    Found you at Org Junkie!
    Kim {Pinspired Home} recently posted..Menu Plan Monday: 4/28-5/4My Profile

    1. Jean Post author

      Thanks for the link. I’ll have to check it out! I thought our salad dinner tonight was great. The kids and husband didn’t seem to agree.

    1. Jean Post author

      Maybe I should just stop asking. That is an idea. I usually ask them when I’ve run out of ideas though…

  2. Kemi Quinn

    I totally understand. As much as I like to cook I get into ruts often. And yes asking the family just gets me comments like,”Whatever you make is fine.” Sigh! Not helpful. Usually when I get in a rut I start flipping through magazines and that helps Real Simple and Better Homes and Gardens have good recipes in them. We had loaded baked potatoes last week. That was a change.
    Kemi Quinn recently posted..A Sensible Arrangement by Tracie Peterson a Book ReviewMy Profile

    1. Jean Post author

      Loaded baked potatoes sounds like a great dinner! I’ll do the thing where I flip through the magazines as well. Of course, my family happens to be super picky so that throws another wrench in the works.

    1. Jean Post author

      This isn’t exactly a new problem for us. I can remember not knowing what to make when we were first married…and it continues. Thankfully, the meal planning rut doesn’t happen all the time.

  3. Elizabeth

    I understand the rut what I’ve been trying to do is have the kids pick out meals they were cooking during the week but last couple weeks have been crazy. When I ask my husband what he wants to eat he’ll name a type of meat… pork, chicken or hamburger. The kids it’s generally Chicken Nuggets or Something so insanely long to make like homemade chicken pot pie which take me like 2 hours of prep 😛
    I do dislike the rut menu but sometimes having fall backs is nice to cut down stress. My whole menu this week is from the pantry and requires very little thought I’m treating it like a vacation. 🙂
    We do need to come up with a ‘I don’t care recipe’ though and other witty ones and make them like weird dishes so when the family asks, “What’s this?” YOu can tell them it’s ‘I don’t care’ or ‘Up to you’, etc.
    Elizabeth recently posted..Busy Monday, April 28My Profile

    1. Jean Post author

      Ha! I love it! I think we do need to name those recipes. Maybe re-label a cereal box as “I don’t care” and a milk carton as “Up to you” That would be fun for April Fool’s Day perhaps…
      Enjoy that meal planning vacation 🙂 I need one of those!

  4. Deanna

    There just are days/weeks like that sometimes. ARGH, eh?

    Last night in a quick-quick convo with Chad, we developed a soup for him to make using the leftover brown rice that’s been in the fridge since sometime last week. He did a FAB job, and the house smelled divine coming home from dance at 7:20 on a rainy/gloomy night.

    So he put in some chicken breast (3 4-ounce), some onion, some cut up carrot, some cut up celery, a veggie bouillon cube, and water 😉 And then the brown rice. It was sooooo what we needed last night.

    I’m going to have Jenna make dinner once a week starting this week. On Sunday she’ll pick the day she’s going to cook, then she’ll have to figure out what she wants to make. What I need for her to learn are the basics in cooking – making mashed potatoes, making pasta with sauce, cooking a chicken breast both on the stove and in the oven, making a baked potato, making rice, and cooking a vegetable from the raw stage, not necessarily frozen.

    We have a go to meal for around here that is for those nights when nothing sounds good, and no one especially wants to cook – popcorn, nuts, chocolate, and a movie. Seriously, it just works. It doesn’t happen all that often, maybe once a month or so, but usually someone can be persuaded to go get frozen pizzas, or boil some pasta.

    I swear by the ‘pick on a cookbook’ method that I used a few months ago. It was just nice – peruse, get to a good sounding one, get the ingredients on the list, next sounding good one, get the ingredients on the list, etc. until I had about 5 on there, then go shopping the next day, and then I was able to cook.

    Right now I’m at the stage where I’ve got too much food in the house, seriously, and none of it makes sense especially LOL Time to do the pick on the ingredients cooking 😉

    1. Jean Post author

      Oh, popcorn, nuts, chocolate, and a movie sounds like my kind of dinner! I really need to get my boys started on picking out dinner and making it.

    1. Jean Post author

      I’m pretty close to a complete mom strike over here lately. Fried eggs would be a great supper except then I have my husband who won’t eat egg dishes at all.

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