Fruit Fly Frenzy

It’s been a Fruit Fly Frenzy at our house this week.  I think the battle has finally ended!  It all started with a certain child eating bananas back here by the computer and putting the banana peels in the trash.  Bananas are healthy.  Putting the peels in the trash is desirable (unless you have a compost but I can barely get them to recycle around here).  Unfortunately, leaving banana peels in the trash means the one lonely little fruit fly calls all his friends and says, P-A-R-T-Y at the white trash can!  Bring your friends!

My husband figured out where they were hanging out and sent the trash away.  Unfortunately, a few party guests thought they’d hang around.  They moved into our bathroom for reasons unknown.  I remembered that Patty over at Homemakers Daily had posted about ways to send a Fruit Fly and his friends flying away last summer so I referred to her post.

I tried to attract them with beer (shh! don’t tell my husband I gave one of his Coors Light cans to the fruit flies) but the fruit flies decided that meant the P-A-R-T-Y was back on and more friends arrived.

I tried apple cider vinegar with a paper towel and holes.  That worked a bit but not enough.  It was as though the fruit flies were mocking me.  I decided I needed serious ammunition.

fruit fly

Glue traps do not work well for fruit flies.

A quick trip to the hardware store and I returned with glue traps and a new thing, a plastic peach “fruit fly” trap that was supposed to control them for 30 days (it wasn’t cheap compared to the glue traps or apple cider vinegar but I was desperate).

fruit fly

This was like a fruit fly aphrodisiac at first.

I also did a bit more on-line searching and stumbled on the idea (which I didn’t bookmark so can’t give official credit other than to say I read it “on-line”) to simply put the apple cider vinegar in a jar with a drop of Dawn which creates some sort of film on top and the fruit flies can’t escape.  That worked quite well and was quite a bit cheaper than the fake peach.  I’m also leery of any of the chemical stuff since I don’t want the fruit flies to go building up resistance.  Biologist use them to study genetics after all.

Since I’m no longer sitting here in a swarm of fruit flies, I’ll share what ultimately worked the best.  The answer is none of the above and was my husband’s idea.  It was so simple and stupid really since our fruit fly friends were all gathered in a small enclosed area.

Fruit Fly

Use the vacuum attachment to pull them right out of the air!

Was it cruel and unusual punishment?  Probably but this was war!  It is probably worth noting the second best elimination method was the apple cider vinegar with a drop of dish soap.  However, it did stink!  The fake peach has something similarly scented in it because I knocked it over making quite the scented mess (I was trying to vacuum the final two fruit flies off the edge. Oops.).  For little flies that seem drawn to white surfaces, they avoided the glue traps with amazing finesse.  I think we did ultimately get about 6 with the glue trap over the course of 3 days.

We won the fruit fly war this time.  However, I plan to work a bit more on prevention and try applying these ideas from Mary Organizes so that there will not be a next time.

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8 thoughts on “Fruit Fly Frenzy

  1. Elizabeth

    They are annoying during the summer we get them by the kitchen sink for unknown reasons. I generally use a small amount of wine, a glass and plastic wrap. It does ‘okay’ but nothing stellar. I still debate if the fruitflies are worth my wine 😉
    Elizabeth recently posted..Busy Monday, June 9My Profile

    1. Jean Post author

      Oh no, I don’t think the fruit flies are worth your wine! Use a different beverage for them 😉

  2. Elizabeth

    Wow! That sounds like an unusual infestation. Congrats on getting it under control. We have been dealing with moths, huge swarms of moths that surround us when we go outside. It has been freaking my son out a little, but the moths are supposed to be disappearing pretty soon. Certainly, the birds seem fatter… 😉
    Elizabeth recently posted..CALLING HIS BLUFFMy Profile

    1. Jean Post author

      Thankfully, it was a pretty unusual thing. The trash back here by the computer doesn’t get emptied as often as it should (though it might be now) so the banana peels were there a bit too long. Oh my, getting surrounded by a swarm of moths would freak me out as well! Is that typical for your area with the moths?

    1. Jean Post author

      Sometimes good ideas rather than simply procrastination can come from Pinterest 😉 Who would have thought?


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