Last Week of Summer Lunch Plans

My  boys start school next week!  How can that be?  Summer did not obey the speed limit this year.  School cannot be starting so soon.  I’m not even sick of my children yet!  While I’d like to pack a summer’s worth of activities into this week, I know my boys just want to savor being at home.  The school year is already starting to creep up on us a bit.  Here’s what we’ll be eating around here this week at lunchtime:


Scrambled eggs or pretzels and cheese (Yes, I do need to grocery shop tonight.  How can you tell?) Actually, we’re having tacos.  May have to rethink Thursday’s dinner.


Noodles and Egg Rolls (I’m thinking of trying out this recipe for the noodles.  I’ll cheat and buy the egg rolls from the Chinese Food counter at Hy-Vee)


Baked Potatoes


Macaroni and Cheese.  Blue Box style.  It’s also the day we’ve designated as school supply shopping day!


I have no idea.  Hopefully, inspiration will strike before this date.  Otherwise, leftovers from dinner one day this week.    mealplanmondayfruit


Our Dinner Plans:


Pancakes and  fresh strawberries




Chicken Strips


Tacos which will translate into a tostada (his new thing) for J, burritos for G and my husband, and a taco salad for me.  OR we will simply eat out as it is also meet the teacher night up at the elementary school.  So far, I don’t have to volunteer my time at any PTA tables but if asked, I would probably help out.


Pizza party for the end of baseball season


Of course, the whole menu is subject to change and probably will do just that.   This is probably going to be a very go with the flow kind of week.   However, it is always better to have a plan that changes than not have a plan at all.  Unless being in the grocery store every single day of the week is your kind of fun.  I do enjoy the grocery store but prefer to limit myself to going 2-3 times a week as opposed to 7 days in a row like I’m pretty sure happened last week.

As usual, I’m linking up to Menu Plan Monday over at I’m An Organizing Junkie.



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5 thoughts on “Last Week of Summer Lunch Plans

  1. Deanna


    Thank goodness we still have approximately a month left – though it will go super fast, I know….

    Mmmm, Hy-Vee Chinese food is the BOMB! YUMMA!

    1. Jean Post author

      Yes, already! It is super early this year even for us. Enjoy your last month of freedom!

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