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I could probably make this a very short book review.  I read two books and my thought on both of them were that they were rather “meh”  except I’m not sure what that word means….is it a northern expression?  Like eh?  Except that I always thought eh? was what old men who were hard of hearing shouted out to us.  Perhaps I better stick to spelling out entire words.  Is “meh” short for mediocre?  That’s my description of the following two books:

The first book I read was a free young adult book that’s been sitting on the kindle app on my tablet for quite a while.  I did admittedly devour it in about 2 days.  I do think my older son would enjoy Guardians Incorporated:  The Cypher by Julian Rosado-Machain.   The basic plot of the book is that magic is real and kept in check by technology.  What I’ve learned the hard way about the free kindle books is that they are often the first in a series.  And the second book is never free.  It’s not that I didn’t enjoy this book.  It’s just that I don’t think I enjoyed it enough to pay $10 for the second book in the series.

The second book I read was more of a disappointment than anything else.  I happened across Starbound by Joe Halderman in Half-Price books and was very excited to read it since I had so thoroughly enjoyed Earthbound, the last book in the trilogy.  This was the second book and in fairness, I may have enjoyed it less since I basically knew what was going to happen.  One problem I had with this book was the narrative style.  I am not fond of books that use first person narrative with more than one character and alternate those characters between chapters.  I lost track of which character was telling the story a few times and found it rather confusing.  I prefer authors to use first person narrative from one character’s perspective or simply stick to writing in the third person.  There also seemed to be quite a bit of discussion about and sex between the characters in the book.  I don’t consider myself a prude but if I wanted to read Fifty Shades of Gray on a Spaceship*, then I’d have probably been searching for reading material in a different part of the book store.  If I come across Marsbound, I would probably go ahead and take a chance to read it as I really did enjoy Earthbound and think it would have enough of a different story to make it interesting.

*I haven’t read Fifty Shades of Gray so I may have made an unfair comparison up there.

For this week, I’m anxiously awaiting my Barnes and Noble order to arrive.  I’m starting to really enjoy the merits of that membership card (I signed up last Christmas to get a discount on an order but I decided to renew it).  I did look for this book elsewhere first (read try to find it cheaper) before deciding I would simply order it.  Time to take a bit of a non-fiction turn again.  Hopefully, my review next week will be more positive.

I guess in the spirit of this review, I’ll ask have you read anything you would not recommend lately?


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5 thoughts on “What I Read Last Week

  1. Elizabeth

    From Wikipedia: “Meh is an interjection used as an expression of indifference or boredom. It may also mean “be it as it may”. It is often regarded as a verbal shrug of the shoulders.”

    I started reading a historical fiction novel called “Hild” which was beautifully written. The descriptions were really beautiful. Just … nothing happened. I kept thinking the author was leading up to something several times and then … nothing. 🙁
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    1. Jean Post author

      I didn’t even think to look it up on Wikipedia. Thanks for sharing that. Oh, descriptive prose that leads to nothing drives me crazy!

  2. Deanna

    Yeah, Not Recommend anything for kids by Gail Gauthier – last book EVER read by that author – Club Earth

    Slow read, but not awful for adults – as in still plugging along – An Actor and a Housewife (or switch – can’t remember – Housewife and an Actor?). Regardless – too far along to abandon, but not overly enthused to really plug along faster LOL

    1. Jean Post author

      Oh, that’s rough. I’ll keep those two in mind as books not to read. I have a hard time giving up on books even when they are awful.

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