Follow Through Friday

Have you missed Follow Through Fridays?  I really let these slip over the summer and it shows on pretty much every surface in my house.  It also shows in a list of unfinished and forgotten tasks that has grown.    It is time to bring back Follow Through Friday!


Do you have any tasks that you meant to have completed before back to school time that just didn’t quite get finished?  I know I have a few.  I challenge you to complete at least one of your unfinished tasks today because I need some company as I try to get these items checked off my list.  Will you join me, please?

Here’s my list of 3 things I’m committing to finish today:

  1. Go buy the book for my son’s 8th grade band class.  I have no idea how I completely forgot about this but it is rather hard for him to practice his clarinet without the sheet music.  The hardest thing about this task is the 15-20 minute drive to the store.

  2. Take 10-15 minutes and take the t-shirts that no longer fit (or that I don’t really want him to wear to school because they are stained, have holes, etc.) out of J’s dresser.   I need to get it to where his dresser drawers close easily again so they don’t look like this as much as they did over the summer:

    Time to sort the clothes in the dresser drawers!

    Time to sort the clothes in the dresser drawers!

  3. Find a new school year type wall calendar as well as a planner that I can carry with me.  It’s the nature of my work as a preschool substitute teacher but I am often put on the spot to see if I can work other days while I am already at work.  I usually have to tell them that I need to check my calendar at home and then, let them know or I do something even worse and say “yes” thinking the calendar is clear and upon arriving home to write things down realized that I have to re-schedule things to make it all work.  I need something small and easy to use that I can carry with me.  I need a new wall calendar because the current one stops in December and I want to make sure I get all the important school dates on there before I lose the papers listing them.  This means a visit to the office supply store.  Hopefully, I’ll be able to contain myself!

My list of tasks that require my follow through is so much longer than the 3 items listed.  However, I know I can complete the 3 items listed today.  For the weekend, I’m hoping to also get G’s clothes in some order (I put his clothes on the end of his bed so he could put them away and I’ll give all the mom’s of teenagers 3 guesses where his clothes have remained all week?) and then take some inventory of who needs a few more clothing choices (sometimes we can “shop” in G’s closet to get new clothes for J).

What are you planning for today?


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7 thoughts on “Follow Through Friday

    1. Jean Post author

      I need both although the wall calendar is more for everyone and me to easily see when I’m home. I ended up with an At-A-Glance small spiral calendar with a few contact and notes pages in the back. It’s fairly simple but I think it will work best for me. I like the full month calendar is first and then, there’s space on each day if I want to write more. I looked at the other, bigger planners but they just seemed overwhelming to me.

    1. Jean Post author

      It seems to go by faster every year! We were talking about staining our woodwork around here to a darker hue. I was all set to go buy the stain at Home Depot or somewhere but apparently there are more steps involved (or so my husband says). Hope your project turns out beautiful!

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  2. Deanna

    I had so many things I had wanted to get done over the summer, mainly spend a LOT of time with my girls. We did spend time in the same space a bit, but together, eh, not so much.

    One of the things I wanted to do was to work through the magazines that I ordered when Jenna was a child. Yes, LOL, Highlights, and Princess, etc. Funny, Jenna still likes doing Highlights with us (Josie and me), but I think, I should ask, she may be ok passing on the princess magazines, but then again maybe not. So we didn’t even get ONE of them done, and I have about three years worth. We had managed to make it through about two years worth last summer, but we petered out. There are so many things we want to do, and yet that tablet always calls Jenna’s name 🙁


    1. Jean Post author

      She’s getting older. I lose G to the Xbox and tablet quite often as well. Hang in there!

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