Why I Bought White Towels: What I Read Last Week

I went to Target today and bought white towels.  I bought two white bath towels, two hand towels, and a pretty package of white wash cloths that didn’t match exactly.  Um, I am not paying almost $3 for ONE wash cloth.  Who does that?  Do you do that?  I bought a pack of 6 for $4 instead.  However, I digress.  This post is actually about the e-book I read.  Can you believe I managed to keep my hands on my tablet long enough?

I read 31 Days to a Staged Home:  A Step by Step Staging Guide for Preparing your Home to Wow the Market by Leslie Hoyt.   We aren’t selling our house any time soon but I thought it would be fun to read and see if we could stage our home just for the fun of it.

If we were selling our home, I think this book would be an amazing resource.  She gives step by step directions on what to do and how to do it.  I really liked the idea she presented of using a digital camera to take photos of the front of the house to see it from a buyer’s perspective.  As a bit of a visual person, I definitely loved all the before and after photos provided along with the text although sometimes they did present a bit funky in my e-book.  I think that may have had something to do with my device though.  The book definitely left me inspired to remove the clutter from our home (Anyone have a shovel or two I can borrow?) and bring back some finishing touches to our living spaces.

I was still inspired by the book as I helped a friend pack up her kitchen and toured her new beautiful home yesterday which meant I simply had to take some action today!  Since I had a rare free day, I went to Target to casually shop the clearance racks.  I, of course, wanted to tackle the entire house.  However, common sense prevailed and I decided to focus on one room at a time.  The logical choice was our main bathroom since we’d just replaced the shower curtain a few weeks ago.   One of Hoyt’s suggestions for staging a bathroom is to get white towels.  I’m not sure I’d have chosen white under normal circumstances but thanks to my husband there is a white rug in the bathroom now so I knew the white towels would work with the decor.

New White Towels in the Bathroom

New White Towels in the Bathroom

The rug is not visible in the photo because it is in the washing machine.  It was dirty!  Oh my, we have 2 boys and I bought white towels to go with our white rug.   It does make me happy to look in there and see the white towels though.  The room is a work in progress but a step closer to being more of a home than a jumbled mess of wet towels and clothing thanks to the inspiration from the e-book.

By the way, I discovered the author also has a beautiful blog, Goodbye House! Hello Home, filled with great ideas and before and after photos.  I’ll definitely be checking it out for ideas as I try to take our house back from our kids and turn it into a home again.



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10 thoughts on “Why I Bought White Towels: What I Read Last Week

    1. Jean Post author

      I bet you are close to the suggestions. I think this fall may call for one of those major purges around here!

    1. Jean Post author

      Ha! That is actually on the list of books I’d like to read. Doesn’t that book fall on the list of books we all were supposed to have read or something? I’ll have to read it now just to see what it has to do with white towels 🙂

  1. Deanna

    I LOVE the look of white towels. I also love that they can be bleached should they need to be. I went with pure white washcloths for facecloths (picked up in bulk at Costco – around a buck a piece) and then we have a cream color that we are using for our family. I like a lighter color – less noticeable when they ‘fade’ I think. It’s funny, with colored towels they look GREAT when they are new, and for the first few washings, then suddenly they start losing color, and the next thing I know they are all misshapen AND discolored LOL PLUS, someone, I think two girls, were using the hand towel hanging in the bathroom to wipe their toothpaste off their mouths, and totally bleached out spots on the towels. I couldn’t figure it out for more than a year, until one day I was watching them brush their teeth for bed, and ding ding ding GRRRRRR So now we have off white, and I’m totally happy 🙂 Yes, they do get a bit grungy, but a trip through the washer makes them nice again, plus I can see when they are dirty – even if it’s less than a couple of days (I change them a couple of times a week in the main bathroom).

    I would so love to be staging my home for sale 🙂

    1. Jean Post author

      I think I’ll probably be getting out the bleach sooner than later. The boys do that toothpaste trick as well 😉 You can still stage your home for sale even if you aren’t selling it…that’s my plan.

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