Follow Through For 31 Days

Welcome to the starting page for my new blog series.  It’s the place you’ll come to start and FINISH reading this series.   For a while on this blog, I’ve dedicated almost every Friday as Follow Through Friday.  Each Follow Through Friday, I choose a few tasks (typically 3) that have been started or neglected and follow through.  I make a concentrated effort to turn those “I’ll do it later” statements into finished items.


Lately, I haven’t been keeping up with my Follow Through Friday tasks (or my blogging!) and everywhere I look I see something that either needs to be done around the house or reminds me of something I need to follow-up on in my personal life.  The list is long.  I’m hoping taking an entire month to focus on the little (and big) things lurking will leave me with a shorter list, a cleaner house, and a clearer mind.  Would you like to join me from start to finish?

Just getting started can be the hardest thing for some people.  I’m not one of them.  I love new beginnings.  Does anything beat the heartfelt enthusiasm that comes with starting a new project or adventure?

Today was the easy part.  The start of this series.  I didn’t “follow through” the last time I tried this.  However, I am motivated to not let that happen this time.  I hope you’ll come back here every day in October to find some inspiration for tackling those unfinished tasks.

Published posts in the 31 Days Series on Follow Through

  1.   Getting Started is the easy part!  Just to clarify, I’m counting the creating of this landing page as the first post.
  2. Making A Master List
  3. Around The House
  4. Paperwork Problems
  5. Family Matters
  6. Start To Finish
  7. Seven Day Success Stories
  8. .
  9. Stepping Away Gracefully
  10. Finishing The Fun Stuff
  11. Projects Of Other People
  12. I Do Not Need Any Help
  13. Distractions Of The Day
  14. .
  15. Switching Gears
  16. .
  17. .
  18. .
  19. .
  20. .
  21. .
  22. The Blues
  23. .
  24. .
  25. .
  26. .
  27. .
  28. .
  29. .
  30. .
  31. .


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8 thoughts on “Follow Through For 31 Days

    1. Jean Post author

      I’m glad to know it is just not me. I try to follow through but it can be so tough.

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