Seven Day Success Stories

I’m a little late getting this post written.  It’s definitely been one of those days.  The temptation to not follow through on this is great tonight.  I’m wired from a PTA meeting that left me beyond frustrated.  I have a headache from skipping dinner to go to said PTA meeting.  I have a child asking me what color to make a mule on his homework (brown!) and a teenager who is well, being a teenager.  I also have to be at work at 7:15a.m. tomorrow morning.  This being to work early stuff  is not for me.  And I really, really just want to finish my book.  Since this is usually where I write about what I’ve been reading, let me just say that Gone Girl is living up to the hype.  Whoops, anyone have some cheese and crackers for my whine?

I think it is time to talk about what (if anything) I’ve actually accomplished during the last seven days.  I did make great progress on J’s bookcase, one of the Around the House projects on my master list so I’m going to share that project tonight.  My idea is to share one (or more) successful accomplishment every seven days.  I’d love to hear about what projects you accomplished in the last week as well!

Let me show you the bookcase project in pictures:

This bookshelf was mine when I was a child.

This bookshelf was mine when I was a child.

I cheated and just used the previous post picture as the “before” photo.  Here is a how it looked mid-project.  I started it on Friday after I’d been sick all week (I have no idea why I thought sifting through dusty books was a good idea):

Sometimes the mess gets worse before it gets better.

Sometimes the mess gets worse before it gets better.

J said I could have part of his bookshelf to store my preschool books.  We still sorted out quite a few to go new homes.

I admit I was a bit thrilled when he admitted he wasn't quite ready to part with our Junie B. Jones books.  I wasn't either.

I admit I was a bit thrilled when he admitted he wasn’t quite ready to part with our Junie B. Jones books. I wasn’t either.

The finished bookcase looks like this:

I think it turned out pretty well.  All the books are easy to pull out and read now.

 All the books are easy to pull out and read now.

We dedicated the top shelf to new Nanobloks and Lego projects. I put the chapter books in a bit of alphabetical order although I certainly don’t expect or care if they stay that way.  Overall, I think it looks great.

It’s important to take time and acknowledge successes to stay motivated to continue to follow through on projects.   What successes have you had lately?

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6 thoughts on “Seven Day Success Stories

  1. Deanna

    how sweet that your son has your old bookcase.

    I see Jeff Kinney books there 🙂

    LOL at not being ready to give up Junie B. Jones books. They were never my favorite, nor did I read them to Jenna, but Josie, she LOVES them, and she’s not ready to give hers up either, in fact, she wants the whole series to save for her kids 🙂

    WTG on accomplishing that project. Yes, not too fun when you’re sick rifling through musty, dusty books.

    I’m working on the games currently. Two days ago I pulled about two shelves worth off, being only that amount of space on the floor, and am sorting through them. I’m wiping the outsides with a damp cloth, and then opening the games, and sorting through the contents. I’m also categorizing them by age, hoping it will be easier to select games, and also to get rid of some that just were never favorites, and are definitely too young to be enjoyed. Josie wants to keep Lucky Ducks, so I think she’ll just have to keep that in her room under her bed.

    It’s taking so much longer than I thought it would, but I’m firm on completing this task. I’d given up now twice on the books, since they are overtaking the house, but then so are the games, and that will help create some space on the floors in the living room and family room.


    1. Jean Post author

      Oh, yeah, the Diary of a Wimpy Kid books are popular around here. I admit I was a little frustrated with those because there is no way to tell in what “order” they belong on the outside of the books. I think our youngest children would get along wonderfully. J won’t give up Rhino Rampage even though we never ever play it. One project at a time 😉 Sounds like you are making great progress on those games!

      1. Deanna

        I did get 7-8 games on the shelf last night – meaning outside of the boxes cleaned, all the pieces counted and sorted in baggies, all of the cards counted, and into baggies as well.

        Josie and I played two games last night – but we played them three times each – Bumperena – cute, but definitely NOT a necessary game. It is about strategy, but early learning stages, kwim?

        We also tried to play this Mad Libs game (picked it up second hand) and we cannot for the life of us figure it out. Honestly. We set it aside in hopes that tonight, as a complete family (four of us) we can figure it out – complete grammar correct sentences? Who does that any more? What are the components of a complete sentence ? Noun, verb, pronoun, and whatelse – do there need to be an adjective in there, and an adverb? In ALL sentences? LOL Obviously this was not my strong suit.

        We then played this Tetris game, not electronic, that was my Christmas gift last year, and I know we played it as a family a few games worth, but Josie and I both agree it’s not all that. We’ll play it again as a family and see if it’s more fun with more people.

        Then we played a good old-fashioned game of war with a brand new deck of cards. Josie said she wished she could bottle that scent. I admit, new cards smell amazing, and they play amazing as well. Something so relatively inexpensive, yet easily overlooked. I look for them in the second hand shops, of course, not already played, brand new, with the wrapper, such as this was one of those packs 🙂

        We also played 3-4 rounds of Mancala. Such a fun game, really. I would LOVE to have a decorative set one – like an artist made one that could be set out all the time. I have a wonky kid set one, with animals for the pieces. Just not enough room in the holes for the whole pile I like to hoard 😉

        Another series of books that Josie really likes is Dork Diaries, similar I think to Wimpy Kid, but chick form, not dude form LOL


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