Projects of Other People

I had my one task that I planned to finish today.  It remains undone.  Why?  It remains undone because I was sucked into the vortex of my husband’s project for today.  If I want to be nice to myself, I could call it our project since it involved the house and a teeny tiny step closer to actually getting our perpetual remodel of a bedroom completed.  Oh, how nice it will be to have actual walls again!

My plan for today was to have J try on his pants and maybe get both boys some fall clothing.  My husband’s plan for today involved working on the basement because we eventually have to clear out our bedroom for the ceiling and wall project.  My older son’s plan was to have a friend over to hang out.  My younger son’s plan was to be bored all day (not really but it seemed that way).

I decided to go along with my husband to Home Depot this morning.  He stayed on task while I looked at flowers (on sale!), discussed changing out the window in the main bathroom, looked at bathroom sink cabinets, asked about paint, and then, the project at hand (buying some sort of tile-like things in case water seeped into the basement although we think we’ve solved the problem…that’s what they are officially called, I’m sure of it.).  Then, we went and purchased a carpet remnant to go on top of the tile-like things.  Carpet remnants are heavy!

The carpet remnant.

The carpet remnant.  We aren’t worrying about the walls right now.

So, I helped him with his project, coordinated the friend “hang out”, and spent too many words explaining that “it was not my job” to entertain my younger son although we did play a game and do some Lego stuff together.  I also added my hopefully helpful two cents in an e-mail regarding a PTA book fair scheduling conflict.  I’m not saying I minded doing any of these things and of course, the basement project is partially mine in that it will impact me.    Yet, guess what didn’t happen?  I did not make any progress on any of my own projects that are in dire need of follow through.

Meanwhile, my laundry area project looked like this.

Meanwhile, my laundry area project looked like this.

Does that ever happen to you?  Sometimes I spend so much time helping everyone else with their projects that my own end up neglected and simmering way too long on the back burner.   The ironic thing is that while I am quite adapt at putting my stuff aside and helping everyone else, asking for help has always been a struggle for me.  That will be the subject of tomorrow’s post as I continue to explore my difficulties in follow through during this 31 days series.

If you missed any of the posts in my 31 Days of Follow Through Series, you can read them all here.

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3 thoughts on “Projects of Other People

    1. Jean Post author

      My husband works so much that I usually follow his lead when he has a rare day off. Of course, I like your idea as well 🙂

  1. Deanna

    I’m generally working around other people as well. However, yesterday I did NOT A THING! Well, I cleared some computer clutter in the email division. That was sort of nice. Yes, I totally could have just deleted most of them, as I don’t think anything that I read in the newsletters I chose to read was life altering. That said, hmm, well, I’m off to do games today. I cleared another shelf off this morning in hopes (plans) that I’m getting to the rest of them today. Just I’m going to push through it, end of story.

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