Distractions of the Day

It is no secret that distractions are a big part of what keeps me away from my list of things that require follow-through.  Some days I’m much better at dealing with them than others.  Today was one of the other days.

For today’s post in the 31 days of Follow Through Series, I’m just going to share all list of all (that I can remember) my distractions today.

  • The boys were home from school!  That meant that we didn’t need to get up and get ready.  It also meant that the day didn’t exactly get off to an early start.  And that I was late figuring out breakfast which meant we all got a bit grouchy before mid-morning arrived.
  • The weather was a huge distraction today.  It meant that my grocery store/errand day didn’t happen because the rain never ever stopped!  I think it may still be raining out there.
  • The cats were a distraction.  Have I ever mentioned that our lovely little kittens are defective?  They like to go out in a little bit of rain but of course, want to come in when it starts pouring rain!  Then, they want to go back outside.
  • I started to think about clearing out the art supply cabinet but then J asked me to do something with him and that led to this:
Our artwork from today.  The tree on the left that looks like a preschooler made it is mine.

  The tree on the left that looks like a preschooler made it is mine.

This meant that instead of the cabinet getting any attention, the kitchen table took on its normal look:

Table is a mess as always.

Table is a mess as always.


  • The phone rang a bunch of times today.  My husband called twice asking me to look things up on the computer for him.  He needs a fancy phone but won’t get one.  We got a few political/sales calls.  What Do Not Call List?  I’ll be glad when election Tuesday finally arrives and the political phone calls stop at least.  A neighbor called and J ended up going to hang out with a friend.
  • I took the time J was at his friend’s house to take G and a friend to a movie.  I wanted to see it as well:

    It was a good movie but the book was better.

    It was a good movie but the book was better.

  • Can I just list the cats and weather twice?  I didn’t know one of our cats was still outside when we went to the movie so once everyone was back at home, I was outside with my umbrella tracking her down.  She was meowing to go back outside 10 minutes later although it was still pouring rain.  Have I mentioned our cats are defective?
  • Yes, I did play Candy Crush Saga today and look at Pinterest and take one of those “Do You Take Too Many Stupid Quizzes?” type quizzes.  By the way the answer to that would have been YES!
  • I also read the Entertainment Recaps for Once Upon A Time, Gracepoint, and Resurrection because I’m just that nerdy (sigh).
  • Almost forgot the time I spent mediating a few brotherly squabbles.  And by that I mean shouting:  would you please just work it out yourselves!

This is probably a short list of the day’s distractions and I certainly don’t think all of them were bad. Spending time with my boys while a distraction was probably more important than organizing the art cabinet or wiping down the kitchen cabinets.  Of course, I probably could have cut out some of the other distractions and accomplished the other tasks as well.


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4 thoughts on “Distractions of the Day

  1. Deanna

    I think spending time with your boys, and doing things that you enjoy, trump chores any day. Soon enough there won’t be a need for a craft cabinet, so it’s good you found the supplies you needed/wanted for your projects with your son 🙂

    I think it was an A+ day!

  2. Lisa @ The Meaning of Me

    Sometimes I think my life is one constant stream of distractions.
    Our cats definitely would make my list of distractions, too. And I think ours are also defective! 😀
    Some distractions are good – time with the kid, a lazy Saturday just because we need a day of rest. I have to find a way to reconcile the distractions, whether good or bad. They are reality and sometimes they are preventable but other times, not so much. The tricky part is getting back on track again!
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