Switching Gears

There is another component like distraction that sometimes keeps me from following through on my projects.  It is when my day does not go as planned.  Monday did not go as planned because it was full of distractions but I still could have overcome the majority of them had I chosen to do still move forward with my list.  I could have gone to the grocery store and run errands in the rain.  I certainly would not have melted.  I just made different choices on that day.

Yesterday did not go as planned for another reason.  J woke up feeling under the weather.  My day was not going to happen as I had planned it due to circumstances beyond my control.  I had to switch gears if I was going to get anything at all done.

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I sometimes (often) struggle with actually getting things done when my original plans change.   Wiping down the kitchen cabinets was not on my list of projects I planned to tackle yesterday.  I could have simply done nothing yesterday.

I really was tempted to do nothing.  However, I decided that I could still get things done even if they were not the original things I had planned.  Too often, I do not make that choice.  I simply get stuck.  I was going to do project A today but now the day is different so I can’t do it.  Sometimes, it doesn’t occur to me to switch gears and still get something else done.

It is okay to finish projects in a different order than originally planned.  It certainly helps get some of those unfinished projects finished.   How do you switch gears and get things done when your day takes an unexpected twist?

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9 thoughts on “Switching Gears

  1. Sarah

    I plan a week at a time, like you do with your meal plans. Then if something isn’t going to work Monday, I can do Tuesday’s project, or maybe Thursday’s project.

    I try to plan things that take varying amounts of time and varying amounts of gathering tools and supplies. Then if I get something short done, I can gather supplies for a longer project for the next day.

    1. Jean Post author

      I noticed I always do better when I plan my weeks. I’ve fallen out of that habit and really need to get back into it. I like the idea of adding variety into the weekly plan.

  2. Elizabeth

    I’m with Sarah on this one. I do more of a weekly or even monthly list the only things set in stone are appointments/events/etc. that I have no control over. Beating yourself up all the time won’t help you push forward though I think most of us do it anyways even though it is counterproductive.
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    1. Jean Post author

      You’re right. It is very hard not to be down on ourselves when we don’t get things done even if the day is beyond our control.

  3. Deanna

    I’ll have to agree with the above posting – planning out things that need to be done versus when to be done would work better for me. Also, it seems counterproductive to most people, but the free spirit in me doesn’t like being told what to do, even if it is me telling me what to do.

    I am also a perfectionist, if you’ve figured that out LOL, and having a specific time frame with which to complete something doesn’t work for me. I totally get the Flylady thing, spending just 15 minutes working on a task at a time, because then it’s not overwhelming. I take it in chunks, then when I feel my mind wandering, that’s when I take a break and decide that I’ll get to that in a little bit, or maybe tomorrow. Yesterday I worked for about 2 hours, twice, on the games, and that worked well for me. I listen to CDs that I haven’t listened to in a long time 🙂 That’s nice.

    I’m with you too on things throwing a wrench in my plans, thus making it difficult for me to move forward with anything. Case in point – the cat peeing outside of her litterbox. That just ruins my whole day. It happens about once a week or every two weeks 🙁

    1. Jean Post author

      “the free spirit in me doesn’t like being told what to do, even if it is me telling me what to do.” Ha! I can really relate to that. And oh boy, the confusion it causes me if I’m told to do something that I planned on doing anyway. I’m not much of a perfectionist though..that would be more my husband although it really depends on the task with him. Poor cat…wonder what that’s about…that would not make for a great day.

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