Yesterday’s Success Stories

Well, I guess what was not a success for yesterday was posting in the 31 Days of Follow Through Series.  SIGH.  I’m determined to fix things today though.  I have yesterday’s post for you plus later, I’ll be writing today’s post.  I actually did have both posts planned out in my head.  They just didn’t get typed into the blog.

Yesterday was 14 days into my month of Follow Through which meant it should have been time to show you a few finished projects.  I do have a FEW finished projects to show you.

The main project I finished this week was wiping down the kitchen cabinets.  It probably seems like a little thing.  It probably is a little thing.  Unfortunately, it is a little thing does not happen often enough around here.

I read somewhere that heating orange oil and wiping down the cabinets worked well.

I heated up my Method cleaner to try it.

I heated up my Method cleaner to try it.

I’m not sure it made a big difference but it did make me feel like I was going a bit “above and beyond” with my cleaning project.

All the cabinets are now clean.

All the cabinets are now clean.

Hopefully, the clean, shiny cabinets will stay that way for at least two or three days.

My other success story isn’t a completely finished project so much as a start on one of my items.  I am not domestic so this was a bit of an ordeal for me.  Can I still say I hemmed a pair of J’s pants if I actually used fusing web and the iron?

One pair of pants he can wear without having to roll up the cuffs.

One pair of pants he can wear without having to roll up the cuffs.

I did use pins and chalk to measure.  I also think I may use the Internet to find a seamstress for the rest of them.  This one pair of pants project was simply not pretty.  I felt pretty accomplished once I finally finished it though.  I probably should have started it prior to 8:00p.m. but I am not sure it would have made much difference given my level of ability.

What projects have you finished this week?

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4 thoughts on “Yesterday’s Success Stories

  1. Deanna

    I think your kitchen cabinets look beautiful. That is really something I need to do, and soon. I used to do them monthly, and then I just got disheartened because they are no longer getting clean with their painted selves being all chipped and yucky looking. It was on my list, but then my husband ‘took it over’ and it’s yet to be even started. He bought the supplies this Spring, and that’s the end of it 🙁

    Yep, I would go to a tailor as well to get the pants done – that way you just know they are hanging properly, and done so they won’t ’embarrass’ him 😉 LOL

    I have NOT completed a task this week, yet….

    well, I guess I did complete two tasks this morning – got both my and Josie’s eyes checked. I have been having some eye ‘issues’ lately, and Josie’s has been squinting for longer than I’m willing to admit. It’s all good – I go for another scan in 6 months, and Josie has a new prescription, which we’ll go tomorrow for picking out glasses 🙂 Yay!

    The games are coming along super nicely. Yes, it’s taking a very long time, I know, a couple of weeks, but I’ve taken the weekends off, and also a couple of days each week off from dealing with them so I don’t get burned out, which of course was leaving literally paths amongst them. I worked doubly hard yesterday, and I was able to see the fruits of my labor. I also gathered up most of the remaining games, and placed them in age order, and then stacked them – only about 30 games, maybe 40, and then was able to vacuum – ahhhhhh, the space that I vacuumed so needed it, and it feels so good now. Even the cat was pleased 😉 I think today might be close to finish, with the exception of the card type games, since I’ll need to figure out a ‘system’ on how to store them. Just on the shelf(ves) is not practical, and I need a container of some sort (for each age level maybe). Chad started to horn in on that with “what size box do you need?” and while I know he was trying to be helpful, I’m really working to move past the college dorm room phase where cardboard boxes are the norm, kwim? I’m done seeing cardboard paper boxes, and random boxes. Drives me INSANE!

    1. Jean Post author

      I think it sounds as if you are getting a ton of stuff accomplished! It’s always nice to see space on the floor 🙂 Hope your game project ends up being a “win” 🙂

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