The Blues

Everyone (it seems…there may be a few exceptions but I do not know them) in this town has the blues.  I suppose if you do not live in the Kansas City area, you may not realize it but the Royals are in the World Series!  The whole town seems to be blue.  Blue bird of happiness blue not exactly the same as having the blues (well, maybe after last night’s game but still it was only the first one of seven and according the Facebook which is of course, doubles as a sports digest, they did lose the first game in 1985 before winning it all).

Perhaps you are thinking that this is the part where I tell you that I’ve been out to “party like it’s 1985” and that is why I have not been following through on my 31 days of Follow Through Series.  Alas, I wish that were the reason.  Perhaps that could be my excuse for Thursday night and Friday I was busy with family.  However, since then, it’s been a different kind of blues around here.

Friday evening, I opted to go to bed rather than make that second (okay, fourth) attempt to holler for Chase, our Siamese cat, to come inside.  Augflowers14 025 He’s been left out once or twice before and usually turns right up and is ready and willing to go inside after a night out “in the wild.”  Except he did not show up Saturday morning.  Nor did he show up on Sunday.  Or Monday.  Or Tuesday.  And we are still missing him today.  He’s simply gone.  We’ve looked around the neighborhood.  I have ads running on Craigslist and the pet connection place.  I have registered him as missing with the microchip place (I’m so glad I followed through on that one Friday not long ago!).  I have flyers ready to go stick in the doors of all the neighbors in a 2-3 block area and hand out at area vet offices.  


Wondering why I haven’t done some of the above already?  Well, we had family from Oklahoma in town all weekend so we were working around that (life doesn’t stop for cats that have gone exploring…) and then, J woke up with a high fever on Monday.   Then, there was work as well to juggle.  Strange thing to be finding yourself a substitute when you are the substitute but it worked out.  Good thing as a trip to the doctor today confirmed it was Strep throat.  

All my free time has been consumed by searching for a missing cat, dealing with a sick child with a super high fever (I’m good to 103 but 104 is my freak out number), and trying to maintain my work responsibilities. 

I’m going to go ahead and count this as a post in the 31 Days of Follow Through Series because one thing the lost cat did highlight for me is the importance of follow through.  I can’t imagine how much worse I’d feel had I not already updated all the microchip information for him.  I certainly wish I had followed through on getting up that fifth time to see where he was on Friday night. 


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16 thoughts on “The Blues

  1. Beverly

    it is so sad and uncomfortable when a pet is missing. One keeps wondering how or where they are. I hope your cat does come back.

    1. Jean Post author

      Thanks. I hope he comes home as well. I went out to the shelter today and she said most cats don’t wander very far and get disoriented easily so the best thing would be to plaster the neighborhood with flyers. I handed some to the local vet offices today in case someone finds him hurt somewhere and takes him in to one of them.

    1. Jean Post author

      Thank you. My son is feeling better (it did take a while though) but sadly, no sign of our cat.

    1. Jean Post author

      Thank you. I’m still holding onto a tiny hope that our cat will show but starting to think someone took him for their own (and simply hoping they are taking very good care of him!).

  2. Sidney

    Ask your neighbors to open their garage doors for a couple of hours this evening. (And the doors to any sheds where they keep mowers or yard equipment they might have used the day he went missing as well.) Garage door openers make really scary noises and cats either go under a workbench or up into the rafters back in a dark corner so the door needs to be left open for awhile.

    Besides posters, make up flyers with just his photo and your phone number and take them door to door within about a half mile of your home. Further if you can. The point is NOT to leave flyers with people. The point is to TALK to people. The flyer is for later when one of the kids says oh, I saw that cat the other day, they will have your phone number.

    Be sure to look in your own garage.

    1. Jean Post author

      Thank you for all your suggestions. We did look in our garage and shed and left them open. I’m really starting to think that someone simply took him as he really wasn’t prone to wandering.

    1. Jean Post author

      Thank you. My son is feeling better although it was quite the virus and even this week he’s been asleep by 8 each night (not like him at all). No sign of our cat 🙁 I am just holding onto the hope that someone took him and is taking super good care of him.

    1. Jean Post author

      Thank you. I’m still searching but we’ve sort of hit that wall where I’m just hoping that someone didn’t realize he had a home and took him as their own.

    1. Jean Post author

      Hi Patty. Thanks for asking. I’m doing okay but I’ve been a little down over our missing cat (still not home). I was just thinking I needed to get back to posting on my blog. Last week was fairly busy with work and then, J’s birthday was yesterday but (fingers crossed) this week looks to be a bit calmer so I’m hoping to get back into a posting routine (and maybe even get a chance to read some other blogs as well!).

  3. Deanna

    Hello Jean. I am SO sad about Chase missing 🙁 My goodness, I can’t imagine how you must be feeling. I’ve seen this post for a while, and have not responded because I’m just so sad for it. I keep awaiting another post from you that he’s come home. HUGE hugs coming your way. I know how much you love your cats.

    1. Jean Post author

      Thanks, Deanna. It has been tough. One day last week, a local vet office called because they had a Siamese cat brought in by a rescue group but it wasn’t him. I’m starting to think someone just took him thinking he was a stray and kept him. Hopefully, they are taking good care of him.

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