What’s Going On Wednesday

What’s Going On Wednesday was an idea that originated with Andrea from The Distracted Housewife (she’s currently not blogging but hopefully we’ll see her back in the blogging world sometime soon) and Shelly from A Mothers Nook.   The idea is to just share a little of what’s going on in our lives behind the blogs.   This is probably going to be a really random post.

  • I’m still trying to get my blogging “mojo” back.  I typed that sentenced simply because I think mojo is a fun word and apparently one not supported by the WordPress spell-check system.

  • I try not to brag about my boys too much on here BUT….G was inducted into the Junior National Honor Society last night AND J’s art teacher chose his artwork as part of a display in a local arts district that supports our school (only 30 pieces out of 360 were selected).  The plan is to go see his artwork sometime this weekend.

    Don't you like the blurred effect?  Works nicely for the blog at least.

    Don’t you like the blurred effect? Works nicely for the blog at least.

  • I’ve also been taking the boys to school.  I took them in my pajamas yesterday despite at some point in my past saying something like:  “I’m never going to leave my house in my pajamas to take my kids to school.”  AHEM.

  • My latest Netflix addiction is a show called Jericho.  It’s really, really good but I’m concerned that it’s labeled as a “cult tv show” on there.  I’m also watching Once Upon A Time, Resurrection, and Gracepoint on regular television.  Oh, and sometimes Masterchef Junior.

  • I need to get back to reading and doing my book reviews.  The last book I read was The Giver.  I wanted to like it but I didn’t find it as intriguing as the other similar books out there.  My brother-in-law loaned me the first two compilations of  The Walking Dead graphic novels but I’m having trouble getting into them.

  • In case you are wondering, our Siamese cat is still missing.  I’ve been checking Craigslist lost and found daily (I also have my own ad running and reports filed all over the place).  We do still have this little gray thing that keeps us busy with her demands:

    She makes sure we stay busy even at 3a.m.

    She makes sure we stay busy even at 3 a.m.

  • Work is still keeping me very busy (I worked every day last week and am looking at 3 days today included this week) but I still really do love it.

Speaking of work, I need to leave here very soon to get there so this is where I’m stopping today.  What’s going on in your world on this Wednesday?


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5 thoughts on “What’s Going On Wednesday

  1. Elizabeth

    Truthfully… at work atm & not feeling up to par so just trying to push through the day. Taking my lunch break & catching up online.
    Congrats to the kiddo I know I was excited when my oldest got inducted.
    That’s funny about the pajamas. I can’t say I’ve ever driven the kids to school in mine because if I’m going to leave the house then I just go into work early but I have walked them down to the main road in my pajamas before (with a robe and slippers too).
    Have fun at work 🙂
    Elizabeth recently posted..Busy Monday, Nov 17My Profile

    1. Jean Post author

      Thank you! They e-mailed me that they had added that one on there. I was watching it on regular television but then they lost me somewhere (just due to being busy not because I didn’t enjoy the show). I keep hoping he’ll just show up at the door one night…

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