Making A List and Checking Items Off

It is time for the return of Follow Through Friday!  I have to start checking items off my never-ending to-do list.  Now that Christmas is almost upon us, I seem to be adding more items the list than I’ve been subtracting from it.  It makes for a rather unbalanced list.  Does anyone else out there need a day to focus on getting some of their tasks done?


Yesterday, I spent part of my morning cleaning the house Flylady style 15 minutes at a time but to add an element of fun to my otherwise rather boring task, I added a 15 minutes of Christmas-related tasks into the rotation.  So, in that spirit, I’m going to add a 4th Christmas-related item to my regular 3 Follow Through Friday tasks.

Here is my Follow Through Friday list for today:

  1. Spend 15 minutes (at least) in each room of the house gathering items for the charity pick up truck that is coming tomorrow.
  2. Go to the Dollar Tree and get a document frame.  The sad thing about this list item is that I was just in the store on Wednesday and completely forgot to pick up the one thing I entered the store to get in the first place.  I’m not looking forward to the return trip since the store was super busy on Wednesday so I already know the craziness I’m going to encounter for a second time.
  3. Clean off the computer desk.  I think this is a permanent item on my list.
  4. My Christmas related item:  Clean out and condense our Christmas bins.  I started on this yesterday but didn’t get very far.  I’m hoping to add some of our Christmas things to the charity collection items but I struggle with giving away holiday decor even if we don’t have anywhere to display it.

Other random tasks I’m hoping to finish today include getting a few birthday cards purchased and maybe Christmas cards as well (I haven’t lost hope that this might be the Christmas that I actually send the cards!), making a Christmas shopping list (I have a rough draft but I need to finalize it), and just for fun….actually finishing the laundry!

What do you plan to finish today?  Let us know in the comments!



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5 thoughts on “Making A List and Checking Items Off

    1. Jean Post author

      My desk was a real mess (it still is really) during the weeks leading up to Christmas since I wasn’t using the computer. Anytime I needed a flat surface to put something you can probably guess where the bulk of our clutter landed.

  1. Deanna

    Oh ugh! You know, more than once I was wishing away Christmas. Not the yummy feeling of Christmas, just the rushed feeling of Christmas, and the buying frenzy of Christmas.

    The whole thing ended up being just enough, and there were some wows – Jenna got a guitar, and Josie got a MIP robot, and then there were some other things that were well liked as well.

    We baked some cookies, and took our worn out selves to Milwaukee to Christmas with Chad’s family. That went fine as well.

    Honestly, I am looking forward to the day when I don’t have to be included in on that any longer. The whole thing doesn’t bring joy to me, and the girls certainly could care less either. Chad would rather be doing his internet ‘activities’ and hanging onto his remote control in front of his tv.

    LOL at the Dollar Tree craziness. Our Dollar Trees are located in interesting areas, so the clientele is always questionable, which makes for loads of snickers and leers between me and the girls 😉


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