Small Project Day

Welcome to Small Project Day, a new blog feature for 2015. Should I confess this idea came from a pizza? A local pizza place that we love but don’t eat every single week or all that often really. Once a week though they do have something called small pizza night. The pizzas are bigger than a Pizza Hut pan pizza but not so large that I would think nothing of it if you were super hungry and ate the entire thing.

Am I going to continue with this awful metaphor and say organizing and cleaning is like pizza? Of course, I am. You have to tackle organizing (and cleaning) the same as eating pizza…one piece at a time!  Each Wednesday around here in 2015 is going to be Small Project Day where I am going to commit to completing at least one small project and invite you to join me.

What kind of small project counts?  Any type of small organizing or cleaning project that you need to complete.   It just must be a project you can complete.  Not a huge clean out the entire closet kind of project.  One shelf in a closet would work though.


My hope is spending one day a week working on small projects will slowly chip away at the large overwhelming level of disorganization I feel around here.  I also think I’ll do better with small, manageable projects that I can actually finish.  My goals for small project Wednesdays will be to not start any projects that I cannot finish and only one project at a time!   I’m sure that is common sense for many but a struggle for me and maybe others?

So what are the small projects on my list for our first Small Project Day here?

  • Add the boys’ school schedule (days off) and my work schedule to the calendar on my new fancy phone (Christmas gift…I’ve joined the century!) and small planner I take to work.
  • Take down the small 2014 wall calendar that is back here by the desk.
  • Put away the remaining Christmas decorations (they are down but need to be properly put away)
  • Clean off the kitchen table.  I’m not sure this counts as a small project but it hasn’t been clean since before Christmas.
  • Clean off out one shelf in the freezer.  I plan to have the dinner rolls in there tonight so I may as well see what else the shelf holds and how we can use it or if it needs tossed.
  • Try one more time to get this Bloglovin thing to work and recognize my blog:

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Hopefully, I get all these small projects completed today but I am going to stick to the idea of not starting them if I don’t think I can finish them.  Next Wednesday, I’ll share how it went along with my small project for that day.

Let me know in the comments if you’ll be joining me for small project day today or in the future and what small projects are on your list.

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11 thoughts on “Small Project Day

  1. Christie Neufeld

    I need to clean off a shelf in the linen closet that has tablecloths I will never use. I already did my mail center and a kitchen drawer. Still need to tackle my lower kitchen cabinets…that is not a small project, though!

    1. Jean Post author

      Look at you being all productive! The weather did not help my motivation today and I’m still working on my projects though I have completed a couple of the easier ones. I needed to put have coffee with a friend on that list 😉

  2. Keri

    I worked on a lot of small projects over the past couple of weeks. We are moving in about 6 months, so I’m trying to get rid of as many non-essentials as possible. My craft stuff is a hot mess though, so I think I need to break it into small projects or I’ll never get it organized!
    Keri recently posted..9 ways to prevent Monday madnessMy Profile

    1. Jean Post author

      Good luck with your move! I should pretend we’re going to move and get rid of stuff around here.

    1. Jean Post author

      The Pizza Project…oh, I like that title a lot better 🙂 Of course, that might be because I’m currently trying to figure out dinner since I didn’t plan very well this week.

  3. Deanna

    That’s an awesome goal, just a small chunk.

    I’m right there with you – I can’t seem to think straight anymore due to the HIGH level of disorganization around here. I have NO idea why it is like this in my home, especially since I’m home all day. I have an inkling that it’s just so out of control that I feel overwhelmed even knowing where to start – and add the fact that my small home has no space, due to the clutter in addition to space constraints, to even start sorting. It’s just a mish-mash of everything everywhere.

    My table has not been cleaned off since prior to Christmas either. I had grand plans prior to Thanksgiving, but all the organizing I was trying to do in other locations (to get ready for the tree) kept bringing things to the kitchen table. It’s a never ending battle.

    I guess I was a day later (figures) in getting a small project done for Wednesday, but since I’m just first reading this today (Friday) and I completed it on Thursday (go me!) I’ll count it as joining you in your feat.

    I took all the books, the ones I removed from my shelf over the weekend, and had semi-sorted in the living room, smack in the middle of the walk space, and others that were in my room in a bin, and others that were in the living room, and then I grabbed three looooong under the bed totes, and put my books in those, and stuffed them under the bed. No, not for out of sight, out of mind, but arranged in alphabetical chunks, and then I’m reading my OWN books that I’ve purchased, rather than continually borrowing from the library.

    I’ve got WAY more than 52 books (for say a book a week goal), but since I set my goal to read my own books, and OUR own books (the ones I read to the girls), I’ve got THREE books read to the girls (in about a week’s time), and I’m on my second book.

    The first book I read was called Mimosa Branch by Haywood Smith. Really fun book to read. It was interesting to discover that I’ve got two other books by the same author. The book I’m currently reading, which I plucked from my shelf AFTER I decided to read my books in alphabetical chunks, is “the bright side of disaster” by Katherine Center, also a really good book so far. I’m about 1/3 of the way.

    As for the kiddos book I’m reading to them, it’s “Seer of Shadows” by Avi. Starting out to be quite an interesting book. The other books I read are Animal Ark books, and to put it mildly, we’re not exactly RAVING fans. They are ok, but I’m not going any further than to read the ones that we own, and then end our reading of that series. I also have many, maybe more than 10? of the books by Avi. I’m liking the author, but I’m going to finish the author up once we’re done reading the books we own. I figure we’ll have the ‘hang’ of the author by then and can move on. I’ve got over a thousand books to read to the girls LOL I wonder if Jenna will continue to ‘let’ me read to her as long as it takes me to finish reading all the books we own? Hmmmm……

    So that’s my BIG goal for the year – to read books we own, AND get rid of stuff around here we’re not using. I’ve been keeping a tub/box around right smack in the walk space of the living room for finds that are for our yard sale that I’m planning. I’ve also been taking some things to Vinnie’s for donation that either A) I couldn’t find the box to put it in for the yard sale, or B) the item needs a larger audience for purchasing rather than my little sale. I’m even mostly not writing down the items as I think I had enough for our donation amount for 2014.


    1. Jean Post author

      That sounds like a great goal for the year! I don’t think you can go wrong with reading 🙂 And letting go of things you aren’t using isn’t a bad thing either–I need to do a little of that myself.

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