Five Senses Saturday

In the spirit of renewing and refreshing, I’m thinking of adding a new category to the blog.  This is a typical look back at my week type of post but to give it a (hopefully) different spin, I’m going to do it using my five senses.


Here are some things I saw this week.  I tried to get our family to reconnect by going to Eagle Days at Smithville Lake.  The presentation was interesting and we all learned things.     J loved it and sat right in the front row with his dad.  G has inherited his mom’s “freaks me out” attitude toward being in the same room as birds.  They’re okay in nature but walking by them at the pet store and the like…no thank you.  We didn’t see any eagles at the presentation (they usually have them but there was a schedule conflict of sorts) or at the lake viewing area although I heard other people say they saw them.

I think J may have taken this one as I gave them my camera when they were sitting on the front row.

I think J may have taken this one as I gave them my camera during the presentation since they were sitting in the front row.  Pretty good for no flash.

Going toward the eagle viewing station.

Going toward the eagle viewing station.

Smithville Lake.

Smithville  Lake.


I may be having a mid-life crisis of sorts because I seriously contemplated buying Taylor Swift’s new CD for myself this week.  I really do like her new song, Blank Spaces.  And it is way too much fun to sing Shake It Off to the teenager when he’s being obnoxious.  It doesn’t usually get the best results though.  Also, I had to leave the room yesterday during preschool to regain my strict teacher face when one of the students decided to tattle on another student for saying “shoot” except it was the real word with i in the middle instead of those “o”s.  “He said “shoot”!”  “He did.  I heard him say it.  He said “shoot.”  Please, quit repeating it.  Preschool is so fun and funny as well.


I had planned to buy some Glade candles at Target using my coupons (I remembered them!) this week.  I usually buy a few of the Christmas scents that don’t scream the holiday (Cinnamon Apple for example) using the coupons that come out in January.  I had purchased a couple of Under the Mistletoe ones in late December and was looking for those as I thought they didn’t really scream Christmas to me.  Unfortunately, all they had left was the Sparkling Spruce scent that instantly transported me back to the winter the boys had the stomach flu and that was what I burned to combat the smell since it was too cold to open windows.  I left those on the shelf.


I tried making chicken fried steak for my family on Thursday night.  It was not a success.  My husband was happy to get mashed potatoes though.  I seldom make them because I don’t care for them and neither do the boys.  I think it is a texture thing with the three of us.  Why is it the meals that take the most work are always the ones that get the least appreciation?  A better item I tasted was a blood orange.  I was inspired by Natasha over at The Simple Luxe Life and her post on Blood Orange Rosemary Sorbet to try a blood orange last week.

Blood Orange.

Blood Orange

I liked them enough that when I noticed they actually were on sale in my alternate grocery store, I picked up a few more.  The stubborn boys wouldn’t try them.  I suppose that just means more for me.  Maybe I’ll even make some of her sorbet.  I bet they’d try that.


This category might be a bit harder to express in words.  I guess I’ll just share a random list of things I touched:  the pages of the new book I started reading (Son of A Witch by Gregory Maguire), the soft fur of our little gray cat, a clean Kleenex which I used to pick up a used Kleenex a random and unidentifiable preschooler left on the floor (Yuck!), the very cold steering wheel in my car, then the soft fluffy lining of my gloves, and the soft, flannel sheets I was debating buying for the boys’ rooms.

Sixth Sense Category

No, I didn’t see any dead people and yes, that movie did scare me a lot back when I watched it.  I should have known better.  I’m just having fun to add a category called Feelings but not physical ones.  I felt extreme happiness when the sun came out and the temperature climbed up to almost 50 (predicted for today!) this week.  I went from feeling like wonder woman last night when I agreed to host a dual sleepover for the boys (each had one friend spend the night) after working all day and having my husband out-of-town to feeling like wonder what in the hell I was thinking woman as the exhaustion started to set in later in the evening.  The boys were great though and I can’t complain.  I guess I’ll end it by saying I’m proud of the good judgement my boys show in the friends they select.


If you are still reading this long and rambling post, do tell what things set off your senses this week?  Also, I’m curious do you like reading these kind of look back at the week posts?  I know I rather enjoy them on other blogs but I know they aren’t for everyone.

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    1. Jean Post author

      Thanks, Lisa! I’ll go check out your recipes although I thought the oranges were great plain. How long is their season? It is so hard to tell when things are “really” in season any more.

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