Five Ways To Recover A Bad Morning

Bad mornings happen.  It helps to plan for great mornings but I think we all have a bad morning once in a while.  We seemed to have a rather long run of bad mornings right before Christmas break.  I think burnout can sometimes lead to bad mornings.  They can certainly start your day off on a rather sad note.  It is always so hard to have sent the boys off to school when we’ve had a harried, hurried, horrific morning of push and pull and yell and tell.   badmorning

  1. Take Five:  Set the timer for 5 minutes and take a few, deep breaths or do something to relax.  Let the kids have 5 more minutes to do whatever they are doing whether it be sleeping or some other stalling tactic.

  2. Tell Jokes:  I mentioned up there that we had a run of bad mornings prior to Christmas break.  I found a site that had Christmas jokes and somehow sharing my Christmas joke of the day with the boys seemed to lighten all our moods even when the jokes were truly awful and met with eye-rolling.

  3. Make something fun and different for breakfast:  This one helps with the winter blah as well.  We usually have the same basic fare around here but sometimes I’ll serve the boys hot chocolate on colder mornings. If I make Swiss Miss packets with milk, I figure it counts as semi-nutritious breakfast item.

  4. Accept it and slow down a bit.  Sometimes thing improve drastically once I just accept that we are going to be late and stop shouting out orders.  We just go ahead and get ready as if we were somewhat on time.  Amazingly enough, sometimes that actually helps us get out the door faster.  We’re still late but instead of being frazzled and 15 minutes late, we end up calm and only about 5 minutes late.

  5. Plan for a great afternoon.  Sometimes there simply is no recovery from a bad morning.  The frustration simply won’t stop boiling over.  You can’t take enough deep breaths before it is time to leave.  When that happens, I do a few things.  If the morning is particular rough for J, I will often e-mail his teacher to let her know.  I then start planning for a better afternoon.  I’ll plan to make a nice after school snack.  I generally don’t have fresh-baked cookies waiting for the boys after school.  I’m not that mom no matter how much I sometimes wish I were her.

What do you do you salvage your mornings and days when things get off to a bumpy start?

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13 thoughts on “Five Ways To Recover A Bad Morning

  1. Elizabeth

    There’s salvaging? Our mornings are always whirlwind because I refuse to get up before 6am so if it’s a bad one where I am yelling, “FIND YOUR SHOES!” and I end up at the end of the driveway looking down the lane watching for the bus yelling back at the house, “Move move move!” … well yeah no real salvaging I just go to work but when I get home with the kids in the evening I give them a hug and tell them we should do better the next day.
    I’m sure the joke would really break the mood 🙂

    1. Jean Post author

      I’m not exactly in favor of getting up prior to 6a.m. either. I strive for 6 but 3 snooze buttons later, get up about 6:30. I’ve done the bus watch thing a few times. The joke did really help. I tried a quote of the day this morning (we were shockingly enough having a very smooth morning) but it didn’t really go over very well.

      1. Elizabeth

        we are county schools so by 6.40 my youngest has to be out the door…. might be better schools than the city but boy wake up has always killed me so the kids have cereal or poptarts mommy is still in coffee time lol
        quote of the day sounds good too… i need to get to bed earlier so i can do those nifty things because i’m sure it really starts the day off right

    1. Jean Post author

      Maybe if your name is Elizabeth, you are just required to read this blog 😉 Oddly enough, my middle name is actually Elizabeth. Oh yes, deep breaths in the morning is a huge help as well!

  2. Deanna

    Oh yes, we have had some terrible mornings…. thankfully those are mostly in the past. When Josie was little, as in before she was in school, she had SUCH a time getting out of bed, and getting her shoes on. Made Jenna late for school every day, just about, for two years straight. When Jenna started third grade she put her foot down, and said absolutely no more being late. Cannot say I blame her a bit. It was downright ridiculous.

    Our mornings are pretty much on routine, which works well for us. Wish I could get the rest of the day/evening to dance like that….

    Jenna gets up at 6:30, then Josie gets up at 6:45. Both get dressed immediately (well, you know, after the run to the other room), then they come to the table where I most often have their bowls out, with spoons, and then while they eat, I read to them from the current book I’m reading to them, and then while they brush their teeth I sit on the steps and read to them. I think it just creates and overall sense of calm for everyone. We are usually feeling out of sorts when we don’t get a chance to read, like yesterday morning when Josie chose to work on her Valentine’s, and I assisted with the stickering of them. Then funny, we were just a tad bit late for Josie’s cello lesson which starts earlier than the school day on Thursdays.

    You are correct, it just makes sense to go about as though you ARE on time, rather than getting frazzled, chasing around, trying to get done sooner. Always something gets forgotten, spilled, people are crying, yelling, calling names, blaming….. ARGH! Thankfully we’re mostly past those…. Couple more years and I’ll have TWO teenage girls vying for the bathroom 😉


    1. Jean Post author

      Sounds like you have a lovely morning routine. Ha,I don’t envy the thought of you having the two teenage girls vying for the bathroom.

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