Hot Wheels Storage

I’m excited to share our new Hot Wheels Storage with you. Remember last week when I shared our new Hot Wheels Track Storage Solution?

While I was out running around last week, I still had finding a solution for our Hot Wheels storage in the back of my mind.  I decided to enter the dangerous land of the organizing and storage containers at Target.  The perfect Hot Wheels Storage container was waiting on those shelves.

I haven’t always had great luck with the Snap-ware containers, too many components and too confusing to put back together.  However, the one I found for Hot Wheels storage seemed easy enough to use.

Here are some pictures of the completed project.

Hot Wheels Storage

This Snap-ware container is more compact than our previous wheeled bin.

I like that all the components of this container are easily accessible.  Here’s a look with the lid removed where 2 bins now contain favorite Hot Wheels with a little room in to add a few others in the removable top portion of the storage container.

Hot Wheels Storage

Favorite Hot Wheels are now sorted into two trays.

Once the top is easily removed, we have all the rest of the Hot Wheels stored in the bottom of the bin.

And now for my favorite part of this post, where I share how J helped me with this project.  The bin actually came with 3 removable trays which I couldn’t quite figure out because the bin only has room for 2 trays on top.  However, J choose these Hot Wheels for me to go ahead and donate to the preschool where I work.

Hot Wheels Storage

We are donating the Hot Wheels in this small tray.

I love doing sorting and organizing projects with him because he has a very organized and logical mind.  Definitely not something he inherited from his mother.  He is very sure of what he wants to keep and while he does keep a lot, he also has no problem with what he no longer wants.  A good start, I think.

He also has the logic that if I say “Oh, this one is missing a wheel…what do we do with it?” He’ll answer with “Throw it away.”  Not exactly how my other child thinks…that poor kid did inherit the sentimentality gene from his mother.

All is not lost for J in the sentimentality department, however.  He found a Hot Wheel as we were sorting and stated it was his very first Hot Wheel and we had to keep it.  He insists he remembers.  The kid has an incredible memory so I’m inclined to believe him.

I suggested he build a special display for it.  Maybe out of Lego’s?

This is the special Hot Wheels Car display case created from Lego’s:

Hot Wheels Storage

Lego Hot Wheels Display Stand

One final thought regarding our new Hot Wheels Storage.  The bin is heavy.  To quote J, “It has a lot of mass.”  It is fine for older children who have the strength to carry it or scoot it on the floor.

However, if my boys were younger and played with Hot Wheels more often, I would have stuck with the open blue bin on wheels as it is easy for younger children to maneuver or perhaps gone for the actual Hot Wheels Storage cases they sell in the toy department.  We had those for a while but I always found clean-up was easier and faster with our blue bin.

Do you have Hot Wheels fans in your home?  How do you store them?


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10 thoughts on “Hot Wheels Storage

  1. Lisa @ The Meaning of Me

    No Hot Wheels here (although I remember my cousin’s fondly) but we do have every other manner of thing to store – ponies, crayons, art supplies, etc. Containers like that have helped me hang on to my sanity where Kidzilla’s STUFF is concerned. No matter how much you pare back, there is still so. much. stuff. I love these types of containers in various sizes for organizing. I’d rather see a shelf full of closed boxes than stuff spewing out everywhere.
    Lisa @ The Meaning of Me recently posted..Guest Post – Eli from Coach Daddy Talks LeftoversMy Profile

    1. Jean Post author

      It is nice to be able to put stuff in a closet and shut the door. I’d just be happy to see my kid’s floor at this point 😉

    1. Jean Post author

      If you come up with a good way to store Lego pieces, please let me know. I use Ziploc bags for smaller sets but I know the Black Pearl is a large set…I bet a container like the one in this post would work well for it.

    1. Jean Post author

      Hot Wheels are great! They are definitely one of the toys that my boys have continued to like as they grew older.

  2. Deanna

    WTG J! That is definitely a LIFE SKILL he has learned early on in life that will carry him onward wonderfully.

    Hooray for finding the perfect container for your items!

    1. Jean Post author

      He is very good at that although I’m not sure where he gets it. I was very excited to find that container!

  3. Eureka

    I love the hot wheels storage! Really useful! My son has so many of these cars that a storage is needed! Thanks for the post! Greets, Storage Newbury Park Ltd.

    1. Jean Post author

      I used to use the small storage case thing when they were younger but I find this way makes clean up a bit easier as well 🙂

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