Easter Brunch Menu Plan

It’s past the time for me to sit down and make an Easter brunch Menu Plan.  My boys are on spring break this week and we’ve been out-of-town visiting relatives so my weekly planning was pushed into mid-week.  If I was a bit smarter, this would have all been done prior to our leaving on Saturday.  However, it didn’t work out that way.

Easter brunch menu

Part of the Easter Brunch Spread from 2013

Each year I host Easter brunch for our family.  I’ve claimed Easter as my holiday and I do love having everyone over for brunch.  I prefer to host an Easter brunch as opposed to a big dinner for a few simple reasons.  The most important reason is simply I am better at preparing breakfast and brunch food than dinner food.

At some point in the past 13 years I’ve been hosting the annual Easter brunch for our family, I became smart enough to record the menu from the previous year.  Since I’m working with a new computer this year that I haven’t completely figured out, I’m really excited that I posted the menu from our 2014 Easter brunch on my recipes page.  By the way, I see I really do need to update the recipes page.

I love planning our Easter brunch menu each year although typically I have it done before the Wednesday prior to Easter.  Oops!  Thank goodness some of the dishes stay standard each year.

My rough count for Easter brunch attendees this year (including us) is roughly 25.  This number could increase by a few or decrease a bit as life happens.  I’m planning for 25 though.  Time to get to the Easter brunch menu for 2015.   If an Easter brunch menu is not your thing, I will go ahead and include our regular menu at the end of this post but it is going to be super simple.

Here’s the plan for Easter brunch:

Traditional Muffin choices:

Blueberry, Chocolate Chip, Triple Berry Chocolate, and Pecan Pie muffins.  I may make a very small batch of cappuccino muffins as well.

Muffin choices I may add depending on time and ingredients:

Poppy seed (special request), lemon, orange muffins with orange glaze, and inside out carrot cake muffins.

Standard “side dish” choices:

Bacon hash brown bake (my husband’s annual request), caramelized bacon twists, sausage pinwheels, fresh fruit, vegetable tray, and chips.

Side dishes I’m thinking of adding in 2015:

Trail mix with glazed nuts, cucumber tomato bites, and perhaps some sort of take on macaroni and cheese bites or this asparagus and pesto tart.

Main Dish Choices:

Ham and cheese Quiche, Southwestern Quiche, Sausage bake, and a vegetarian Quiche of some sort (I threw one together last year-no recipe-and it was a bit of a hit).  And of course, we’ll also have brisket with some sort of sandwich rolls.  I generally don’t mess with adding new main dishes very often although I’m debating adding some sort of baked oatmeal dish to the mix for this year as well as these breakfast stuffed peppers.

My favorite category, Desserts and Table Décor:

Chocolate covered fruit, coconut nests, angel almond cookies, yogurt filled tart shells, and of course, various candy.  I’m still searching for a fast, easy way to add cinnamon rolls to the mix.  I’m toying with an idea for it in the back of my mind.  I usually let the desserts double as my center piece and table décor but I am really tempted by this lollypop flowerpot idea.

Drink choices:

Pretty standard fare here with coffee, juice, tea, or water.  This “sophisticated sangria” may need to make an appearance though.

Most of these recipes (and pictures…still haven’t mastered how to make the Pinterest images show up in my posts) can be found over on my Easter brunch Pinterest board.


And now for the hard part of this menu plan, it turns out that even if I am hosting an Easter brunch for 25+ people in a few days, my husband and boys still want to eat dinner each night.  Both boys also want to have friends stay over during their spring break. Here’s the basic plan for this week (I did get a bit of a break as we were out-of-town for the first part of it and are having dinner with my in-laws on Friday night).

Monday:  Ham, Sweet Potatoes, Corn, Salad (served at an out-of-town relative’s home)

Tuesday:  Frozen Pizza

Wednesday:  Tacos (frozen meat in freezer) or some take on them.

Thursday:  Lasagna (from a box), garlic toast, and salad

Friday:  Dinner with my in-laws


Not exactly the most exciting weekly menu and it may change or end up being more dinners out this week but at least, we have a plan.  It is never too late to menu plan and that is why even though it is Wednesday, I’m still going to link up my post over at Menu Plan Monday hosted by Laura from I’m An Organizing Junkie.

What is on your menu for this week and weekend?

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